I have a hamover

It only happens with ham, or with pizza.

My wife brought a chicken parmesan sandwich and a pizza with onions and peperoni for me for dinner.

I came home, and worked out, and ate it all. I feel so full my stomach hurts, and yet all the salt makes me feel like I’m dying of thirst. I have no room to drink anything. I’m going to pop like a balloon.

I’ve been especially hungry since I started running again. I plan on doing a marathon in October, and I did 5 miles this morning, missed lunch and came hgome ready to eat a horse.

I don’t know what happened. I went into a feeding frenzy and just basically absorbed the pizza and sandwich by osmosis.

I tried to blame my wife, but she just laughs at me.

See, I don’t know how it is with you, but every time I come home ready to eat a horse, the horse whips out a Ruger[sup]tm[/sup] .41 Mag and in a deadly voice says, ‘get away from me, you freakin pervert’.
so I do…

(Goddamm- how do you do all that physical stuff? I wanna too, how do I get the motivation?)


It’s not motivation. You just make it part of your routine, something you have to do like brushing your teeth, or going to work. That works for me, anyway.

On second thought, I’m sitting here in physical pain from self-imposed gluttony.

Are you sure you want fitness advice from me?


This often happens with a combo of carbs, protein and fats…I pretty much can tell you, as good as a pizza sounds to me tonight (I am starving for one) I will not induldge anytime soon with pizza after my last experience.

The combo makes your system slow because it can’t digest the combo like it can if you kept the carbs and the protein/fat separate…I am serious.

Try it, next time you feel like hounding down a great amount of food, if you stick with just a pasta with a good veggie and tomato sauce or proteins with fat you wont feel as aweful.

I feel like shit every time I eat a cheeseburger, I haven’t had one in years but recently put together (along with my knowledge of certain nutrition) the effects of pizza and sandwiches can have on your over all feeling. It’s the combination that makes your system feel like you just swallowed a boa constrictor.

BTW, I forgot to add:

Some people just can’t handle certain foods, you might be one of those who can’t eat pig products.

I can’t eat seafood, I don’t like it #1 but #2 is that even with the smallest sampling of shrimp (which is tolerable in the tastebud arena) but damn if my system doesn’t go into spasms and well, let’s just say that the shrimp goes quicker than it is consumed.

Oh, and you can eat a shit load of veggies with either the carbs or the protein/fats…veggies are good for you anyway!

I got the physical pain from self-imposed gluttony part down already- You’re still one step ahead of me with the other stuff as a balancer…
Tech? I’m thinkin about what you said too- thanks- I been reading something to that effect- little different, but pretty much the same gist…

I certainly learned something there, didn’t I?
(All I ask kids, is that you learn from my mistakes, don’t do the stuff I did, go to school, get a job, find a wife, have kids, BE somebody…)


While that is undoubtedly sound advice, and I sincerely appreciate it, honesty dictates that I state the following.

It’s pretty clear to me here that the primary problem is that I just ate way too much food way too quickly. The fact that I have the excruciating thirsts is probably a combination of the salt content, and working out. I’m sure I would have the same problem if I just sat down and inhaled 5 pounds of tofu.

Scylla and inor,

Here’s my bitch about pizza in November, sounds similar to what you are dealing with Why I don’t eat pizza

Just thought you should know I speak from experience… It doesn’t matter how much I eat it’s the fact I eat it.

I haven’t had pizza since.

Although a pepperoni, ham and onion pizza has been on my mind for a couple of weeks now but I am glad you reminded me of my plight with pizza.

Oh and I eat cheese all the time, I love cheese and I don’t fart from it. :wink:

K, I’m gonna tender some advice gleaned from my own extensive familiarity with the symptoms-

The thirst? I figure, what the hell, I’m already hurtin like a ran-over pig. I might as well down something.

So I do.

I go down a 1/2 gallon of milk or cold water or something.
I try to buy orgnic milk, no fat, lately, from what I’ve been reading about fats.

As soon as possible after I try to go to sleep to get away from the pain…

Welp, now I never said it would necessarily be good advice…

Two words: Little Italy

Been there twice. It was actually hard to breathe after consuming so much Italian food. The waiter’s resommendation: ice cream.

Damned if it didn’t work.

YMMV. :slight_smile: But it worked for me.


Hmmm. After reading that thread, I am forced to concede that you may be onto something there.

It is the pizza that is evil, not me. :wink:

inor, you are just one sick, twisted, funnier than hell sucker. Anymore as soon as I see your name odds are I’m gonna end up cracking up laughing.

Scylla: have you tried your Chair Of Power? Slam back as much liquid as you need, put the vibrate setting on the bad boy up to high, and things will, um, work out one way or the other.


Cool, in that case my plans of succumbing to the Dark Lord are all that much easier. Just a phone call away (there was that one day that I tried to order pizza, but the first place had just fired their delivery guy and the second place ran out of dough, but aside from that it’s easy enough). In any event, it’s a hell of a lot easier than tracking you down.

:: Sees random jogger ::
“Hey, I’m lost, do you know where Scylla’s place is?”
“Yeah, take the next left, then a right at the cannon.”
“Thanks… Hey!”
:: Jogger disappears while I get stuck behind a damn horse and buggy ::
:: And then I see the evil nazi groundhogs ::

Yeah, pizza’s much easier.

It happens to me with fish and chips, and with some Indian restaurant food (but not home-made food, probably because I don’t get the urge to drown everything in a pint of ghee). I hope I don’t get it with pizza. I just ate pizza.

In general, I swell up if I eat too quickly and not drinking enough water through the day (I get a dry throat; I swallow, and get air trapped in my belly).

I swear by hot tea to get the gas out. Sip the tea as hot as you can stand it. Be prepared to burp like fury for the next 10-15 minutes. It always works for me. Coffee won’t work, and may make things worse. I haven’t investigated the powers of hot chocolate or Ovaltine.

Theoretically, you’re still on the pizza DRUNK, not the hamover. The hamover comes the following morning when your fingers and toes feel like sausages and making a fist feels really weird. Oh…and you get on the scale and weigh an extra four pounds. If anyone knows a way to cure/keep this from happening, I’d love to hear it. And don’t tell me not to eat salty things…no sane person would suggest such a thing!


Sucking on a hard mint candy after stuffing myself usually reduces my pain and, subsequently, my self-loathing.

My dad can’t eat much pork. It’s his spleen, he says, although I don’t know if there’s truth in that or it’s an old czech farmer’s tale.

short version- shit more.

longer version- buy a couple bags of shelled salted sunflower seeds.

eat same

shit more.



rino, inor’s nom de plume de soq speaking-

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Thanks Veb