I have a new favorite lunch

One of those Arnold flat bread multigrain things with hummus and fresh sliced cucumber on each slice.

Really cheap, really easy to make, and quite filling.

I also had a few thick pieces of cucumber dipped in the hummus. Yum!

It’s interesting, I used to try to like hummus, by using alone as a spread on bread or crackers, I always hated. Even spending 3 months in Israel didn’t change my opinion of it.

But ever since I switched to dipping cucumber in it, I love it! Just an odd observation.

Hummus makes everything tasty! I like to use it instead of mayo on all sandwiches.

Sounds good, I would add slivers of sweet onion and thin slices of tomato.

Hummus and cucumbers are a match made in heaven. Actually dipping potato chips in hummus is pretty darn good too.

I agree, hummus is an excellent and reasonably healthy snack component. Some of the commercial ones can be pretty heavy on the sodium, when I make my own I tend to prefer to have it fairly garlicy so I can cut down on the salt. Well, and some good lemony zing. Sometimes I use zatar [sumac] and sometimes I like lemon zest and lemon juice to be a bit on the heavy side.

I have to admit and I cheat, by using chick pea flour instead of canned or dried chick peas… :smiley:

Baby carrots are pretty good, healthier than crackers and chips.

Lime tortilla chips are good with hummus too … But we discussed them a while back and a lot of people really hated thm. <shrug> I love 'em.