I have a question for Smokers.

To all Smokers:

 I have seen in a couple of different movies a variety of cigarette that is all black. I have never seen a real black cigarette in life. I was wondering what brand that is and where do you find them?



Note before reading: I’m an ex-smoker, so this may have changed.

Two possibilities:

  1. Nat Sherman has a black brand. Never tried it, but I know some people love it.

  2. Sobranie Black Russians. Imported. Not Russian like they sound, but English. They were a black cigarette with gold foil around the filter and back when I smoked, they were about $5.00 a pack (normal cigs then were around $2/pack) but I bought 'em whenever I could afford them because they had the smoothest smoke. You could barely even tell you were smoking (and consequently, you smoked them faster). One day, I was told they stopped importing them to the U.S. I’d probably still be pissed if I hadn’t quit.

Clove cigarettes are black, they smell kinda like black liquoriche(sp) and are extremely harsh. You can get them at most head shops or tobacco outlets.

There are black liquorice roll-your own papers available in Britain- meant to give a smoother smoke.

Black Sobranie are still, I believe, available in Britain and are still black and gold. Still definitely available in Germany: http://www.zigarette.de/shop/sobranie_black_russian.shtml

Her’s who makes them:

I’ve seen them in movies too. One movie was called Escape from L. A. and he had a black cigarette that came from a package that loooked like it had an eagel on the front or something. The other is a movie called Cruel Intentions and I didn’t see a package on that one. I don’t know if yall know which brands those would happen to be.



p. s. especially the escape from L. A. brand. I’ve always wanted to know that one.

I suspect the Escape from LA one may have been fiction – they could have designed and had made up a fictional package, and filled it with one of the brands of black cigs mentioned by other posters. Or they could have had some black cigs made to order.

If I remember, the movie was set in the future. What better way to create a futuristic scene then to make up new brands of standard products?