I have a suggestion for the mods

Frequently, our esteemed mods like to participate in threads as a regular Doper. Sometimes, confusion can arise when opining. Is the mod being a mod or being a Doper?

I know we have the [mod hat on][/mod hat off] method, but I would like to suggest something different.

When our esteemed mods are chatting with us regular folk, they chat. However, when they have to go into jackbooted hall monitor mode, I would suggest they start posting like this. This will also bring attention to the scolding, and help to eliminate the excuse that “I didn’t know I was warned!” Then there can be no misunderstanding as to when they’re acting as mods and when they’re acting as Dopers.

Yes, no, maybe?

This was discussed before, and as far as I’m aware, the consensus was essentially that things are fine the way they are.

I must have missed the discussion. Anyway, it was just a thought, not a petition drive to enact change.

And if you happen to be red/green colorblind, then what?

This post has been redgreened by the redgreengrocer

You could still see the bolded letters.

what did you do to it?

He’s got some fancy shmancy program he wrote that does all the work for him. :wink:
Don’t let him fool you, he didn’t spend any time coding that. :smiley:

“Jackbooted hall monitor”?

(Just an ignorance fightin’ side note, red/green colorblind doesn’t mean that red and/or green is invisible or looks black. It means that a red/green colorblind person can’t distinguish red from green. So the “redgreengrocer’s” post would look all one color within the quote box, but it would still look different from the regular default color and it would be legible. Carry on.)

To see what red-green colorblind is like, look through a piece of green celophane. Be sure it covers the whole field of vision. In a couple of minutes your eyes adjust and you can tell lots of colors and many thing look natural, but looking around the room some things will be odd.

Actually, I did that one by hand.

But wouldn’t red be dark and green be light under those circumstances? I’m not sure what variant of colour-blindness that would simulate, but I don’t think it would be red-green.

Yes, although dark green and red would look quite similar, so you wouldn’t be able to tell those apart.

I can’t tell the Olsen Twins apart, either.

Nor Danny Devito and The Governator in that silly movie about genetics.

Come to think of it, I can’t even tell Lindsey Lohan and a tube of hair gel apart.

I think my meds may be colour coded …