I have a timeline

Just went to Facebook. There is a message: ‘You now have a timeline.’

Um… I don’t use FB that much. I didn’t want a timeline! They just changed it.

They haven’t exactly kept it under wraps that Timeline was going to be mandatory. If you mostly use facebook via the mini-feed you won’t notice Timeline anyway.

Dammit, me too! Sneaky bastards got me yesterday.

Same thing happened to me. I went in late last night and saw that I had until August 23 or something to edit it before it was published. I thought I might have accidentally opted in the last time I was clumsily poking at the FB app on my phone. But probably they just decided that I really wanted it and didn’t know it yet. I find that kind of annoying.

If you use FB a lot, I suppose you’d notice.

They’re taking lessons from Microsoft. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh, me to. They must have gotten me in the last hour or so.

It’s been a prominent news piece.

There are even browser addons that will remove it although they do so at the cost of making FB think you have IE 7.

I don’t follow FB news articles.

I use Safari.

How exactly should Facebook have informed you of the incipient change then?

Good for you?

Facebook is not my life so I don’t follow all their news. They could easily have emailed me that they were making this madatory.

I just checked my email and still no news. Although I did have a lot of email from Facebook about this dumbass added a stupid photo of this stupid thing and dipshit linked to some bullshit or other but nothing about Timeline.

Is the dumbass the one adding the photo or the one who can’t figure out how to turn off facebook’s email notifications?

They could have not made the change at all. If people want the timeline, they can turn it on.

That’s not how facebook has ever worked. If you don’t want timeline, you’re perfectly free to get rid of your account.

Why are you so cranky and offended that some people might not like something about Facebook? Do you have shares or something? :confused:

Because we’ve discussed it to death, already.

Can I hijack this to rant about Hotmail becoming Outlook? No? Ok, I will go back into my dinosaur cave then. grumble grumble grumble

God you’re right, this sucks. We should all go back to Myspace.