I have an audition!

Well, not really an audition, per se . . .

Ever since I quit my old band in Cleveland, I’ve been itching to do something else musical. Just something for fun, without all the wasted money on recording and misplaced goals. I’d be happy to just do cover tunes in a bar band for a few bucks and a decent crowd.

As it happens, the metro DC area has a much more active pop music scene than Northeast Ohio did, so I’ve been reading the Washington City Paper every week and looking at the classifieds. A few weeks ago, I saw an ad from two guys looking for a guitar player/bass player who could sing, which describes me pretty well. As influences, they mentioned the Posies, Aimee Mann, Bob Mould, and several other acts right up my alley.

So, I called the guy. He’s with a band called 40 Watt Sun, and their third member recently moved out of town. They’re looking for someone to switch between bass and rhythm guitar, and sing harmony vocals. I listened to some RealAudio files of their stuff, and it sounds very cool. So, I’m meeting with them next Tuesday in Rockville, and seeing what comes of it. They seem like the kind of guys whose immediate goals are simply to play live, which is what I enjoy doing.

Wish me luck!

Allow me to be the first to say, “Merde!

Yay Phil!!! Hope it all works out!

(I’ve heard Phil sing…he’s VERY good.) :slight_smile:

Congrats and best of luck!!


Duck Duck Goose said:

Jeez, the critics are showing up already.

Congrats, pl–remember us little people if you get discovered and hit the Big Time.

Congrats, Phil! I know how itchy you musicians get when you haven’t played out in a while. Break a string, as I always say to my husband!

Um–in the world of theater and ballet, it’s considered bad luck to wish someone “good luck”, so you say, “Break a leg,” or, alternatively, “merde”, which is of course French for “shit”. Dunno how it got started.

But you knew that, right? So I was just explaining for all the Teemsters out there who didn’t… :slight_smile:

Duck Duck Goose said:

Not the part about saying merdefor good luck, no. I’ll have to try it on my sister, who is a high school band directer. (But if she hits me I’m gonna expect a full public apology from you, DDG.)

Try: “You’re an ignorant wanker for not knowing that, MysterEcks!” It’s a lot more fun to put it that way, you won’t run the risk of me not getting it, and in cases where I actually aman ignorant wanker I’ll agree with you.

Well, hey, do great minds think alike or what?

On the Home Page today, I just now got around to reading it, http://www.straightdope.com/mailbag/mbreakleg.html

Does this fit in with any known conspiracy theories?

P.S. I said “theater and ballet”, not high school band, so if your sister punches you out, it’s not MY problem, I’d say it was YOUR problem… :wink:

P.P.S. My mother told me it wasn’t tactful to refer to someone as an “ignorant wanker”. “Wankers,” she said sternly, “deserve to be treated with tact and respect, just like everybody else.”