I Have Been Awarded A Scholarship!

I knew I was being considered for it, but didn’t get notification until just a little while ago, that…“The National Public Policy Office in Washington, D.C., has awarded you an $800.00 Scholarship and Complimentary Registration valued at $175.00, for the [Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy] Forum (website here: http://alz.org/forum/overview.asp) May 15-17, in Washington, DC.”

It’s not only an honor, it’s giving me a sense of “worth”, which I have been missing as much as I have been missing caring for my respiratory disease patients.

50 of us Georgia Alzheimer’s Advocates will be meeting with 15 newly elected Congresspersons in order to educate them and ask them to continue their efforts on our behalf.

In my past capacity as a broadcast journalist, I’ll be reporting on the 2 day event for the Alzheimer’s Disease newsletter - Georgia edition.

Whether or not you’re from Georgia, if you have any issues and/or concerns you’d like addressed, I’ll do my best to get them to the proper eyes and ears during the 2 day event. Just send me a pm or e-mail.

Just a thought: Since they gave me a “scholarship”, that makes me a “scholar”, right?

And since I’ll be going on the road to Washington D.C., that, loosely speaking, would make me a “Road Scholar”, right?:):D:rolleyes:

Oh yeah, D’s going to get to come with me!


That’s great,** Quasi**. Congratulations!

Wow! That’s great! I can’t imagine a better advocate than you.

Awesome!! Couldn’t have happened to a better person.

Very nice! Congrats!

Is the newsletter posted online by any chance? 'Cause I’d be interested in reading it, especially when your coverage is included.


Look at you! Congratulations!

Hello Yllaria

If you’ll go here Georgia Chapter it will take you to the GA chapter newsletter.

There’s a box entitled “subscribe to enewsletter”

Click on that and there’ll be a popup box in the middle of the page asking for your name and e-mail address.

Then down at the bottom is a small box asking if you want to subscribe to the GEORGIA newsletter. Just click there and you’re set to go.



Well done! Put your undies on backwards and CELEBRATE, Quasi!


PUt your undies on your head and dance around!
Yay Quasi!


When are you going to be up here? Any interest in a Dopefest or would that be too overwhelming?

And do you need a cheap place to crash or is that covered in the fee they pay? We’ve got a spare bedroom if you need it!

Whoops - on preview, I see you TOLD us the dates. D’oh! The offer of Dopefest and/or place to crash is still good, however :).

Access facing to the rear or the front, Shirley?

D left me a Sharpie with the instructions to write a big “F” and “R” on the back and front of my underwear.

A lot of good *that’s * gonna do when I forget why those letters are on there in the first damn place!:smiley:

Lord, that woman puts up with a lot!!!



Thanks, Mama Z!

I’m pretty sure the hotel rooms are covered, but we’d sure like to meet you. Since D is handling the itinerary for us, can I give her your e-mail, and y’all set something up?



Since I’ll be doin’ the thang with the congresspeople in May, and since this is pretty damn important to me, and who knows if and when I’ll get the chance to do it again, I want to give it my best shot and do some “homework”.

This will entail some research and something I have avoided up to now: meeting and talking to some folks who are, shall we say, a bit “farther along than me” dementia-wise.

In other words, having once been a pretty fair broadcast journalist, I’d like to put together something more than just a Q&A for the folks on the hill.

It seems like forever now that I’ve read about research, funding, research, lack of funding, cutbacks and the need for more research and (you guessed it) - funding.

So rather than just “lobby” these people, I hope we can hit them on a more personal level and get them on our side with something more than just “lip service”, and that will take some study/research time on my part.

So if you don’t see me posting here for a while, that’s why. I’m not dead - just trying to keep from being that way!:slight_smile:

If you care to keep up with me, there’s the blog (link below), but even that won’t be updated very often.

Here’s something someone sent me in an e-mail. It may bring back some memories for some of you.

Y’all behave



Awesome news, Quasi! Best of luck.

Thats great and congrulations…

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Congradulations. :slight_smile: