I have changed my name

Just like to pass on that have changed my handle from The Grim Reaper, to the more sedate mske.

Now, everyone back to what you were doing…

Okay. :slight_smile:

But will we ever find out what “mske” stands for? Or must we guess?

(you might not like some of our guesses–we have filthy minds… :smiley: )

The real meaning behind mske is so boring it deserves no mention.

Maybe I could jazz it up for future tellings with a few WAGs (in MPSIMS perhaps so as not to tick off the mods). :wink:

So please, let me hear those guesses!

I was going to pronounce it mis-key, but that’s not a reflection on you, but on my posting bane. :smiley:


(Which would, of course, make you a smartass.)