I have discovered the lost vault of G.I. Joe episodes!

I have recently opened the vault of lost G.I. Joe episodes that never made it to TV. They’re pretty cool, I suggest you get them on DVD if you can. Some highlights:
-Shipwreck and Footless come to terms with Joe teams “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

-The Joe team must stop Cobra from partnering with Al Quada operatives to steal weapons-grade plutonium from the Ukraine.

-Gung-ho and Letherneck loose it and wipe out a Cambodian village while on a mission.

-Tensions run high when Alpine and Frostbite are killed in Afghanistan by an errant 2000 lb bomb dropped from a B-52. Two new team members are introduced - Arclight and Daisy Cutter.

-Flint’s leadership comes into question when his coke problem leads to tragedy.

-A fatal design flaw is discovered in the Skystriker.

-Scarlet files a sexual harasment suit against Duke.

Apparently, the ADA applies to the Joe team as well. :smiley:

Um… this is a joke, yes? ( hate it when I don’t get jokes).

Yes…this is a joke. Feel free to add your own episodes.

Crawl You Joe Worms–the Baroness gets a whip & a foot-long cigarette holder to go with her black leather catsuit.

See You Later, Joes–General Hawk leaves the Army, & mysteriously gets a well-paid position with the same munitions dealer that supplies the special weapons the Joes use. Some coincidence, huh?

SomethingAwful had a joke article on their front page a couple days ago about G.I. Joes actions during the war.

-The Joes successfully thwart a Cobra “Hearts and Minds” campaign in sub-saharan Africa, which was distributing food and medicine to the populice, and using BATs to rout local warlords.

-A Public Service Announcement that advised kids on how to commit ritual suicide as a way of escaping dishonor.

-A hilarious “Comedy of Errors” episode where Cobra Commander mistakenly receives a love letter from the Baroness that was intended for Destro.

-The Public Service Announcement where the Baroness demonstrates how to properly “break in” a black leather jumpsuit.

-The Transformers crossover episode.

-Falcon is appointed to the command of a Joe LRRP, and is killed by his own men.

-Big Lobb goes back to his hometown, and starts a non-violent resistance campaign to stop Cobra recruiting. He is captured and mentally tortured to death by Dr. Mindbender.

-In a show of international cooperation, the Joes team up with the Oktober Guard in a joint operation against Cobra. One week later, the Joes fight the Oktober Guard in a clash on the Austrian border. Both sides take heavy losses.

-The episode where outdated intel causes Ghostrider to drop a laser-guided bomb on a refugee hospital half a mile away from a Cobra germ-warfare lab. The CIA and NRO each claim that it was the other agency’s fault.

-The episode where Cobra tries to seize control of the world’s low-ranking-infantry-suspenders supply.

Already done in Transformers “Only Human”. Granted it wasn’t a kick butt Joes v 'Bots but it did have Cobra Commander.

-I’m missing part II of the 2 part episode Easy Come, Easy Joe. We are introduced to a new character, ‘Deadmeat’, a fresh faced idealistic new recruit and we meet ‘Shorttime’, a longtime vet with only a couple of days until hes out. I heard a couple of Joes die horribly in that episode so don’t spoil it for me by telling me who they are.

Yum Yum Yum: Frostbite, Snow Job and Iceberg are stranded in the Antarctic, with meager provisions and no meal rations left. As hunger sets in, they do what they must to survive…

A tragic day - Somebody lets some of the red laser guns get mixed in with the blue ones. Nobody knows who they’re shooting at and seven Joes are killed by friendly fire.