So I see I'm not the only one who has found memories of GI Joe from my childhood...

The Brothers Chap, of the Homestarrunner fame, have shown their foundness for the old GI cartoon and line of toys(some of which were rather creative).

Cheat Commandos

Oh the nostalgia…

Don’t forget the upcoming live-action movie!

Will it have no deaths but lots of explosions and nothing but laser weapons?

Will it also have an important life lesson – concerning bicycle safety, dealing with bullies or being careful when crossing railroad tracks, for instance – being taught by one of the Joes as the credits roll?

Will it also have a bespeckled, Central European-accented, schoolmistress/dominatrix in a black leather catsuit, carrying guns?
I can’t believe they put the Baroness in a kid’s show.

Funniest HSR in a long, LONG time. :slight_smile:

I wondered if someone was going to start a thread on this.

This is the first I’ve ever done. I also realize that they should be “fond” and not “found” memories.

Wasn’t there already a movie? An animated movie with aliens and mutants and an introductary sequence that had nothing to do with the rest of the movie?

Or maybe I’m mistaken…

Thanks for the link! I wasn’t aware that Homestar Runner was updating anything other than StrongBad e-mail these days, and now I know.

And knowing is half the battle. Yo, Joe!

Perhaps what you mean is “bespectacled.” I seem to recall she wore glasses.

Unless she had freckles somewhere, and you know something I don’t. :dubious:

Hijack: from the link provided on the movie, looks like they’re planning on using the comic book origin for COBRA, and not the whole “Cobra Commander is one of an underground race of half-serpent beings” thing…

(Still, the “Cobra Commander is an unblemished human” explanation irritated me, because it never explained the surprise/shock Destro would have when seeing his commander unmasked. Then again, one is the comics and the other is the cartoon, so maybe it doesn’t need to.)

Yes to #1.

As for #2

Because, after all, knowing is half the battle!

rjung: Before I clicked the link, I thought you were talking about a live-action HSR movie. Now that’d be seriously screwed up.

I nominate Benicio Del Toro as Strongbad.

Well then you really need to see these:

I really reccomend 3, 5 and 7

I’m stunned there isn’t a huge-budget G.I. Joe movie in production right now. A lot of us who grew up in the '80s have fond memories of the toys, comics, and cartoons, and we’re the perfect age to have lots of discretionary income to buy our childhoods back. That’s why there is a resurgence of popularity among the classic toys and comics and cartoons (DVD box sets), as well as new action figures and comic book series. Needless to say, I’m a fan and a collector as well.

But after September 11th, 2001, and with America’s current fear of terrorism and renewed interest (if not outright support) of the military, this seems like a good time for a super-slick Hollywood production of G.I. Joe, “America’s top-secret special missions force, determined to defend human freedom from COBRA, a ruthless terrorist organization bent on world conquest!” I’m not a big Jerry Bruckheimer fan, but someone like him ought to get such a project off the ground–or maybe James Cameron. You could cast almost every big actor in it and make it the most expensive movie of all time (and probably one of the biggest hits):

General Hawk: Harrison Ford
Duke: Kurt Russell
Scarlett: Julianne Moore
Snake Eyes: Ray Park
Stalker: Samuel L. Jackson
Roadblock: Michael Clarke Duncan
Flint: Brad Pitt
Lady Jaye: Claire Forlani
Lt. Falcon: Jason Lee
Jinx: Kelly Hu

And the villains:
COBRA Commander: Bruce Campbell (yea yea!)
Destro: Ewan McGregor
The Baroness: Rose McGowan
Zartan: Johnny Depp
Storm Shadow: Jet Li

It would be nice to get The Rock, Jason Statham, and the great Christopher Walken in there too. Any more casting ideas for G.I. Joe: The (Real) Movie?

Um, did you miss my first post in this thread?

Um, no, I read it all right. But it’s the same kind of “wishful thinking” Internet rumors that have been going around for years, and your link even says nothing much has been done yet. I know better than to get excited about “Ain’t It Cool News”-style “journalism.”

And I was just commenting out loud about why nothing concrete has been done by now, and presenting some fantasy casting. I mean you no disrespect, but I think you missed my point.


(Still, the “Cobra Commander is an unblemished human” explanation irritated me, because it never explained the surprise/shock Destro would have when seeing his commander unmasked.


Big old zit right in the middle of the forehead. Destro tried not to stare, but…

Wouldn’t they have to change the faceplate for his chin? :smiley: