I have escaped singledom

And it’s about time.
Been single since Jan 09, then spent the subsequent 22 months trapped in an army base, so I think I have a decent excuse.
Got back a bit ago from my second date, where I asked her if she wanted to date (become a couple) which she agreed to. The protocols a bit different here in Korea in that you first establish a relationship and then get to know each other better and not vice versa. I’m still kind of getting used to the cultural differences in terms of what’s expected from the male in these sorts of situations, but I think I can figure it out.
This is all hunky dory but I do have some reservations. First is the age difference (I’m 25, her 20). She’s very unexperienced it seems. In Korea it’s not too unusual for a girl to have fairly little experience with the opposite sex even in college and after a bit of making out at the park bench I found out this was her “first kiss” (first make-out more accurately) which was kinda… I don’t know. Flattering and off-putting at the same time? Plus I don’t know her all that well but this is something inherent in the Korean way of dating so I guess I’ll have to make due. If I find out she’s not right in the head or something down the line I guess I could always dump her.

Yeah I know this isn’t my blog but if I made a blog I know no one would read it which kind of sucks the fun out of it y’know?

So ladies cough I apologize to inform you that I am no longer single. :wink:

Wishing you both luck and joy in your new relationship!

Thanks man.

I just realized the phrase I was probably looking for was “I regret to inform you,” not apologize. Hmm.
Plus I forgot to mention I kind of feel like a creep dating someone so young and unexperienced but I don’t think I’ll lose any sleep over it. Unless someone can give me a good reason I should. I am more than open to comments and feedback regarding that.

25 and 20 does not seem like such a gap to me - but I guess when you reach my age 5 years is trivial.