I have found The Official SDMB Astro-Goat. We Launch At Dawn.

Long have we Dopers dreamed of LAUNCHING A GOAT INTO ORBIT.

Now, our dream is about to come true.

I have located a Goat With The Right Stuff™.

This Goat has got Moxie. And any other soft drink sold in the school cafeteria, to boot.

Fit him with a space suit, he’s good to go.

Hm. We’ve got our goat. Do we have the materials yet?

Should we make him the Million Dollar Goat and replace his horns with sensitive GPS signals?

We can make him bigger…faster…stronger…goat-ier…
Count me in. This is very important and time-sensitive stuff. It’s going to be tough, but I’m willing go get this goat into space where it belongs!!!


Man, where’s Jim Henson when you need him?

I think we need to pass out parts of the Spacegoat project to each doper. Someone can build his suit, someone else his goat space booties. Someone here must build spacegoat rockets for a living right?


I’ll be in charge of getting oats and tin cans into old toothpaste tubes. We wouldn’t want our goat getting hungry.

Ask the Russians. Didn’t they do this decades ago? I’m sure they’ll be more than glad to let us see their notes.

Gooaattss Iinnn Spaaaace !!!

Maybe we can get funding from XM or Sirius. Top bidder gets to aim the goat at the other guy’s satellite :wink:


Don’t tell Hal. I know he prefers sheep, but this could push him into new bestial territory…

Where’s my goat you little bastard!

Here Musky! Here Musky! Daddy’s got a treat for you!

Why do I hear the theme music from Space:Above & Beyond in my head?

More than usual, I mean…

I still think we should go with a BF trebuchet. There is a place and time for tradition, and goat launching is that time and place.

[Samuel L. Jackson]
Get this mutherfkin’ goat off my mutherfkin’s spaceship!
[/Samuel L. Jackson]

I’m hearing the Superman music. Yessirree, that’s a mighty heroic lookin’ goat.

I think we should shave the Superman logo into it’s chest before launch. Just remember to offset for the lost weight.

Lord knows that if we start launching goats, it’s going to scare the Russkies and the Chinee into launching their goats. And when they go, the Brits and French are gonna go and then India, Pakistan and Israel say “Screw it,” and launch their stuff.

Then nothing will be left but a few renegade human beans in a desperate search for a safe home in an inhospitable world. Them, and the dromedaries.

Yeah, but just before it leaves the atmosphere we’ll lose all contact with it. :smack:

No, we don’t lose contact with extra-orbital technology until it gets to Mars.

“Houston, we have a goat…”

“One small step for a goat, one giant leap for doperkind”

So what are we going to call this mission? Goat-Sat seems unimaginative. The Goat-Probe?

What about “Operation Billy”?

Are we going to hear complaints about extra-goat-errestrials chewing out crop circles?