I have gone absolutely bugfuck with the posts.

In which I pit myself, apparently.

On February 7th in one of the Diplomacy threads in MPSIMS I passed 4000 posts. Good enough.

I looked down today, February 13th six days later, and I’ve got 4127 posts.

Holy fuck, that’s more than 20 a day!

Then I realize that when I started my new job on November 4 I was sitting somewhere in the low 2000s.

Holy Waltzing Matilda! That’s getting towards 2000 posts in a little over 3 months.

Excuse me a minute, please…

What the fuck is wrong with me?!?!?

Have I no life? Is my job that dull?

Or have I slipped over the edge of some terrible, nameless abyss? Am I even now descending farther into madness the likes of which have claimed the others with such a high post count?

Is it permanent or is it just a stage? (I could quote Rush here but I won’t.)

I’m actually (no fooling) stunned by this development.

How the hell did this happen and why wasn’t I paying attention when it did?

Welcome, dear. Join those of us who post because we’ve got nothing better to do during our working hours.

Pitting yourself is a bit much. Relax, have a glass of some lovely red wine, go take over Yurp or something. There, there.

I’d have at least 2000 more posts than I do if I could post from work.

Too bad they have monitors. Or maybe that’s a good thing.

Hey, I have no life. Ginger and I registered at the same time.


You have more to say, or more time to say it, or you have a better connection, or you’re more bored at work, or something.

Me? I just have big posting bones, so my post count looks bigger than it really is. I can’t possibly have 8600+ posts. I don’t remember posting that many times…

Ruby, I worked in a job with total freedom of Internet usage. I also had about an hour of work a day, but was paid a full-time salary. That, plus I was a posting freak when I first started. Now, I’m just a freak.

Well, I wouldn’t have put this in the Pit except that I felt the need to swear.

I’ve never actually been pitted. I get along with just about everyone.

Hell, I’m even posting in Great Debates!!!

My first thought was that Jonathan Chance would have to Pit himself because there’s no reason for anyone else to do so!

I’ve gone on posting sprees myself (although not of the 2000 post kind) and wondered where they came from. Of my posts, a good 500 or so came in a five month span.

Don’t worry about it, just let it be, and post more – you post good reading, Jonathan Chance!

Well, Ginger, I haven’t been that fortunate in my choice of employers so I guess that gets me off the hook.

Or, I could just be an underacheiver. :smiley:

And back to your problem, JC, I enjoy your posts so keep on truckin’, man!


You mean there is something called a *Life * out there?

Akin to *Bigfoot * or *Nessie *?

I refuse to believe this. Even though I have never pitted myself, I won’t believe in this *life * thing until Leonard Nimoy does a bit on it. Yet, I remain completely and totally pathetic ( in a happy dweeb way.)

Shall we form the underachievers club, Ruby? :smiley:

I have so much work ahead of me.


Speaking of scary posting habits, my second thousand came quicker than my first thousand. Odd, that.

I’d just like to take this opportunity to say “Gooble Gobble, Gooble Gobble,” which is partly a sly way of alluding to the homey fraternity/sorority (Can I say ‘siblingity’?) of those freaks among us who probably ought to be vaguely ashamed of the amount of SDMB posts we have amassed, and partly the sort of information-free contribution that so often exacerbates our condition.

JC posts are valued posts, though – don’t slow down, or it’ll look like the ign’rnt are catching up.

And if it makes you feel better, you can call that Nameless Abyss “Lorna.” As long as you avoid the gynecological Nietzsche_jokes.

And Michael Ellis, I suggest you think about baseball during your next thousand. Works for me.

In “real life” you can’t shut me up. No, really…I am the Goddess of Yack.

Here, OTOH, I can actually listen to everyone else and not let my mouth overload my ass. This is called a “good thing”. I doubt seriously if I will ever be a posting freak simply because I enjoy everyone else’s comments…and also because I have a huge lazy streak.

Be very glad you don’t have that lazy streak, Jonathan Chance. I, for one, am quite happy you’ve zipped past the quiet and into the storm.

And, to my recollection, your ass hasn’t been overloaded at all. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


I used to have a job where I literally did maybe 15 minutes’ worth of work in an 8 hour shift. Did a lot of posting then. Now I have a job where I only work every other week. I do a lot of posting now, too.

Of course, I’m proud of the fact that I don’t have a life.

I work thirdshift now, and when there’s not much going on, there’s nothing going on. I expect my posting to increase.

I may not be able to go bugfuck with them, though. I may occasionally reach the level of going apeshit, but that’s a lower strata.

Well, Drastic, you’re in the right forum for it:D

Then of course, someone else has to come along with a thread like this, to put it all into perspective.

April 2000, 4100+ posts
August 2000, 500+ posts