I have no one to blame but myself

I didn’t record something I wanted very much to see, and I have no one to blame but myself.

Hugh Jackman was on Regis this morning. He was also on Today, but I only wanted to see Regis, because I didn’t know what time he’d be on Today, and I wanted to see how smarmy Regis would be, and hi Opal.

8:00 Wake up.
8:10 Call job lead employment agency gave me.
8:32 Rejoice at being granted an interview tomorrow morning.
8:33 Eat toast
8:40 Get on exercise bike to fill in time till Regis.
8:56 Decide to set timer on VCR, because I don’t know how I might react to Hamster Huey live on TV. After all, if I spontaneously combust, that won’t be good for the home theater system.
8:58 Get back on bike, then do crunches.
9:20 Warm shower, then decide to lie down “for a bit”.
11:00 Wake up, panic.
11:30 After dressing, gathering stuff, and taking call from Mr. Rilch, go out to run errands.
2:00 Return home, put laundry away and redd up.
2:21 Finally settle on couch, ready to ogle some Aussie biceps.
2:22 Sit openmouthed and numb, realizing that the VCR recorded nothing.

It’s been so long since I’ve set a VCR, I forgot about having to turn the power off after setting timer. For six months or more, I forget, Mr. Rilch and I have been using VCRs that don’t have remotes. [Insert wav. file of world’s smallest violin.) First my own relic from college days, whose remote was dropped by Mr. Rilch whilst soaking his feet. When this broke down for good, we accepted a friend’s castoff, which also lacked a remote. Now we have this new SOTA model (b-day present from Mr. Rilch!) with VCRPlus and everything, and I’m too dumb to record on it.

Despite what Mr. Rilch accuses me of, I did too read the instructions. I just focused on the features that were new to me…I don’t need to look up how to set the timer! Right?

Sigh. And according to other Hughphiles (that’s what we call each other) it was quite memorable, because allegedly Regis was as much of a boor as I’d thought he would be. Mispronounced both first and last names (probably because he doesn’t know Australian from British. Maybe he thought he was interviewing Hugh Grant.) Made some dumb kangaroo joke. Grilled him about one movie that’s still shooting, and another that’s not out yet, instead of the one he was there to promote! Geez, Reege, studios send actors on talk shows to discuss their film, not to be a spy for you! From what they said, there were a few shots in which Hamster Huey seemed to be almost literally biting his tongue, but he allegedly always responded with class and good humor. And I didn’t get to see this. And I have no one to blame but myself.

Still, it’s better than the reverse. My primary reason for getting up was to pursue the job lead, not to see a dumb morning show. I’d rather that if only one task went well, that it should be the first, not the second.

VCRPlus, man. I’m old enough to remember when VCRs had function buttons on the machine as well as on the remote. Now everything’s just on the remote.

Sheesh. You have no-one to blame but yourself.
Not that I didn’t do exactly the same thing last week. Despite whatever lofty ideals I’m climbing toward, settling down with a video and a warm room does provide a satisfying enough end to a nightshift for a mechanical failure to register around 90 on the Personal disaster scale. But what can you do except complain to someone? I’ll try posting my own gripes here rather than hassling my cat all the time. I don’t think he’s really listening anyway.

For what it’s worth,

**I hate programming the VCR. **

My solution is to set it to long play and invest in some 240 minute cassettes. There aren’t many situations where 8 hours isn’t long enough.

Of course you can’t record multiple channels that way, and you’ll have to search through the recording once done, but if you set the counter to 0 when you start, the search doesn’t take too long.

Geez. I can’t believe I wrote that. How interesting am I?
[sub](I implore you; don’t answer)[/sub]

Been there. Done that. Got the shirt.

Wanted to record an episode I hadn’t seen of a series I like to watch. Set the VCR. Threatened everyone in the house with death if they messed with it. Went out. Got home. Rewound tape. Started to watch. Realized I had recorded the wrong frigging channel and had recorded “Spin City” instead. Sought sympathy from Mrs. Pluto. Got none.

It’s OK. You can blame it on me. Everybody else does.

Nothing to comment on the VCR woes, but ooooh yeah, bring on some more Hugh Jackman.

How do you pronounce it?? I just assumed it was h-you jack-man.

Anyways, so I saw the previews for his new movie, and I’m sitting there wondering who the sexy guy without a shirt on prancing around the screen was, and thinking he looked mighty fine and mighty familiar. Then Bam! it’s Wolverine all cleaned up and shaven and yummy!

Wish I had seen the Reege interview. :sigh:


That is how it’s pronounced, Tat, and I’m told that at one point Reege pronounced it “yough”, and when corrected, then referred to him as “Hugh Jackson”. Final answer my left hind foot.

And Pluto, I feel your pain!

so I don’t suppose any of you can help me in making the flashing twelve stop?

A little piece of masking tape fixes that right up. :slight_smile: