I have spoiled kitties

Yesterday I went out for sushi and ordered was of those sample plates of sashimi. Something I’ve never done before. Generally I order a la carte and get stuff I know I like. But yesterday I thought I’d try some new things. I got a couple varieties of fish I didn’t care for so rather than waste it I brought it home for my cats. They seem to like it more than I did.

That’s too bad. You’ll have to throw them out, I guess. Next time keep them in the fridge.

That’s not spoiled. Spoiled is when you make a trip to the sushi place for the kitties not you. :smiley:

You have to be careful about things in the fridge going bad too.

Spoiled is when you take their order before you go.

My cat gets all hyper if he thinks he is going to get just the juice from some canned chicken.

Gawd, he’d stroke out over some real fishie sushi!

When my husband and I go grocery shopping, we joke that we should stop by the fish counter and get something for the kitties. Or if we’re in a pet store, I joke that the cats want some feeder goldfish or mice.

Tonight, my husband and I had some smoked pork chops. I made sure to chop up some ham lunch meat, so the cats would leave us alone with our dinners.

Ah, the dreaded hamwort!

Love to eat them mousies!

Mousies what I love to eat!

Bite they tiny heads!

Nibble they tiny feet!

And, WHERE, may I ask, are the pictures?!?

When we are eating out in a restaurant, I always feel a little bad about all the meat scraps that we don’t eat - they get all the meat scraps at home. Prime rib is the worst - I feel like asking for a kitty bag to take the luscious fat scraps home for them. We have one cat who’s a little hambeast - she goes crazy for pork. I’ve started cooking a little pork for her, too, when I’m cooking it for us. That’s good and spoiled. :slight_smile:


my cat must be given some of whatever I am eating. And if it’s something she doesn’t like, she’ll look at me as if to say “what else you got?”

But do you fix a plate for her?

Our dining table has five chairs that go with it. Quite frequently, the two female cats will sit on a chair, with their heads just above table level, as if asking where their plates are. They don’t want silverware, just plates. So far we have remained firm in our stance that kitties get fed on plates on the FLOOR.

They’re not quite that spoiled. And I have too many student loans to feed them (or me) sashimi on a daily basis.

Gus and Sasha

Hell, I thought sushi was cat food. Ignorance fought.

CATS. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

:: falls over ::

No, it’s bait.

The cats are totally worth the sushi.

Heh - another adherent to the unbreakable Cat Rule - “If I fits in it, I sits in it.”

Yeah, that box is supposed to be for paper recyclables but Gus thinks it’s the perfect size for lounging in. Sometimes I toss that paper on top of him and he gives me the most indignant look.