I have the worst luck ever!

Ok, well, I’m sure my luck isn’t as bad as some people’s. And I do admit that my life could be a lot worse, but I think venting is healthy.

So here it goes…

(Here’s just a little background info on me first for those who care.)

I’m 19 years old, I was raised by my maternal grandparents, and my mother. (Father was never in the picture) When I was 12, my grandmother died. When I was 15, my grandfather died. For the next two years, my mother and I lived alone in what was my grandmother’s house. We fought constantly. When I turned 17, my mother passed away, leaving me alone. Well, in the past two years, I’ve basically done little with my life besides lie and cheat to make ends meet. Of course, now I was starting to get on track, but last November, my car was totaled. My aunt and uncle found a replacement vehicle for me, so I bought it. Within a month it needed a new transmission (automatic). After that I start a small job doing delivery-type stuff on the west side of town. (Restaurant Express, to the few El Paso Dopers) After a month and a half of that, I decided to look for a better job, and found one. I started this week. Of course last Friday, some electrical component in my truck got fried, and had to be sent to the shop. My uncle let me borrow his mother’s car so I can go to work. All looks well, but as I was coming home this evening (about 20 minutes ago), I end up having to slam on my breaks and swerve to miss a rubber-necker who suddenly realized he was veering and decided to break. Of course, I am used to smaller vehicles, and the Plymouth Gran Fury I am driving in has car greater momentum than I am used to, so I fish-tail. I make the split second decision not to try to correct it since that would point me towards the braked car in front of me, and I smash into the cement divider, bounce off, and stagger home. I then have to tell my aunt I messed up another car. After hanging up, I hysterically laugh/cry for a while, go vomit, and sit back down. My stomach is kinda sore, not sure if it’s from the nerves, the seatbelt, or what.
Eh, sorry if that was a screen-ful, but considering this happened less than an hour ago, I am still slightly in shock.

  • Jimmy Quasar

You have had a pretty horrible day, but the best part is, you’re STILL here! You’ve kept on trying, even when it has been hard, so you’ve got something to be proud of, you’re making a pretty good person!

Keep working on giving yourself reasons to trust yourself, like you’re doing, and don’t keep thinking of it as ‘your bad luck’. You’ve had a tough time, but you can make it better, trust yourself that you’re worth doing that for you. :slight_smile:


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I agree with Anti, you definitely should be proud of yourself. Things have been rough but you admit you made mistakes along the way and really, who hasnt? I have. But if you learn from them, thats what counts.

Gives yourself a break and then get back into being the person you want to be. One day you will look back on these times and perhaps have a chuckle, or a good cry, but they will be times past.

Most of all, pat yourself on the back!!

We are, each of us angels with only one wing,and we can only fly by embracing one another

A firm and prolonged hug, backpatting and maybe a hair-ruffle or two first…

Purely dismal day, Jimmy, no doubt about it. I’ve been in 3 car wrecks (2 totals) and all of 'em left me shaky and depressed. Right now you’re in the aftermath of “what if’s” and insurance/money hassles. Doesn’t seem like it right now, but a month from now this will have all faded into a wry dream.

True fact: the ONLY important thing is that you’re alive and okay. Cars are just things; useful and costly things, but suprisingly expendable. Quick reality check: which would you rate as tragic, a totalled car of a house burned down?

You haven’t been around the board here long, but it’s been enough that I’m damned glad you’re alive and okay. As far as the car goes, an honest apology and offer to make it right could work miracles. Accidents happen, and nobody likes the insurance hassles that follow. But they’re expected. If you can express your regret and sense of responsibility the car/insurance/accident blip should fade into the background–as it should.

Take care of your sore tummy, get some rest and reject pointless worry. The only important thing is that you’re alive and well; everything else is just details.

It’ll be okay. Sleep well.

Jimmy, it seem that although you have had a run of bad luck with your vehicles,the good news is that you are ok and here to tell about it. What is even better is that this incident has brought you out or lurking!

So, a great big welcome to you and I’m glad you are ok…and we’ll be seeing you around!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental.


Hey! Welcome to the board, I hope you stay.

Crappy day! Like I needed to tell you that.

The previous posters are responding, as this board will do, in a manner meant to soothe and encourage. I will, as well, but after my own fashion.

I was pretty much on my own come 17, and the next few years were kinda rough at times - I crashed quite a few more cars more times than you’ve mentioned. Lots of setbacks, mostly minor, but even the ultimately minor ones can be huge headaches when you’re dealing with limited resources. So, I appreciate.

I spent a few years living with the thought that I’m going to be able to go to bed tonight and think, “I pretty much did all I could reasonably expect to to move things ahead.” Not that everyday qualified, most notably the setback days did not. On those days, it’s “You learn, you move ahead.”

Sounds like you’re trying, pal. You’ll make it, man.

Jimmy, so glad that you’re all right! That’s the most important fact, as others have said. THE MOST IMPORTANT. Everything else is just “stuff”. I know that you’ll make it through this time as well, sounds like you’ve already survived an awful lot. My heart goes out to you, Jimmy.

Consider yourself to be grabbed tightly, and given a really big bear hug from me! :slight_smile:
Keep on keeping on, as they say, and you’ll be fine. You’re off to a great start already.

Seen on billboard near home:
Don’t make me come down there.

Reminds me of this time I took my Fiero around the Spaghetti Bowl at about 95MPH (35MPH recommended curve)…worst part about the whole incident was when I looked over at the passenger seat, where my friend was supposed to be (but I couldn’t find him to give him a ride home from school like I was supposed to, so he got left behind…) and there was a license plate stuck through the headrest of the seat.

Man, I miss that car…why does this have nothing to do with your post? I don’t know…you make sense of it. :wink:

Yes! You still have more time to enjoy the shittiness that life brings!