Why I'm not upset that you totaled my truck

#1. This is my first personal disaster since Sept. 11. I’m only out one truck. I think I’m a winner in life’s lottery.

#2. Sure, you were able to pull yourself together and restart you vehicle and drive away before I could get out of bed and get your license. But I’ll bet the adrenaline rush you experienced kept you sober enough to not hit any cars with people actually in them on the way back to your hidey-hole. I’m glad to have made them winners in life’s lottery.

#3. Just hours before you came along, my wife’s lab report confirmed that when she’d stuck herself at her job sterilizing surgical instruments, she’d contracted Hepatitis C. We’re looking at months of down-time while she undergoes the Hepatitis version of chemo, and you handily resolved the whole issue of liquidating our movable assets.

#4. When my parents were active in Civil Rights 35 years ago and people made phone calls to our house to threaten us kid’s lives, my parents told us not to think of them as bad people. Luckily I didn’t take their advice, and I now have decades of reconcilitaion to living among garden-variety shitbags like yourself.

#5. I’ve got both insurance and memories of surving a lot tougher things than this. As you’ve amply demonstrated, you have nothing.

Well, shit, son. If that was me I’d be hoppin’ pissed.

You’re a better man than I.

No I’m not. I’ve just innoculated myself with constant small doses of hatred for my fellow man, like how the ancients used to take a litle bit of poison every day to prevent assasination.

I’d recommend NOT doing this with things like arsenic that will slowly build in your system, eventually killing you.

But hatred… sure, why not? Try mixing in a little despite and loathing while your at it, though. Afterall, variety is the spice of life…

musta been a Chevy…

Slithy Tove,
I’m sorry about your truck. However, it sounds as if you have one hell of alot of healthy common sense and a solid perspective about what is truly important in life. Assholes can piss you off, and cause you some level of pain, but they can’t rob you of the above gifts.

gatopescado: yup, '95 S-10 (however, judging from the parts he left, my assailant was driving a mid-70’s Chevy, and was able to re-start it and haul ass even after leaving at least one spark plug)

HairyPotter: Thank you for the encouraging words. I’m really not fishing for cyberhugs (ugh!) or anything, I just want to offer this: ours not being a just world does not make it any less a worthwhile one. And #1 above about not being able to summon up much grief so soon after WTC is not BS - I mean to ask my insurance appraiser if he’s encountered this phenom among other accident victims since Sept. 11.

Just when I thought I was having one of those of lives…The day of the terrorist attacks, I hit my Chevy Blazer into a retaining wall at work. My insurance company says they won’t cover surgery I need on my neck and my husband has been laid off from the airlines that he works at. I hope that everything works out for you and your wife. Eventually that driver will get his “Godsmack”