I have too many reward cards

I tried keeping them in my wallet. Too many. I tried keeping them in a separate wallet. Too many. I see no solution.

Do you have a smart phone? There’s an app for that.

I don’t have a one, but I have been told you can request keychain size cards for your key chain.

Can’t you just punch in your phone number for most cards?

That’s what I do. I don’t carry any cards with me.

“Reward cards”?

The phone number thing only works if you actually bother to send in the application, which I pretty much never do. However, all of the places I go that require club cards (I only bother at the places that rip you off if you don’t have the card—I don’t care about “rewards”) will just give you a new one when you ask. So I try to keep one of each in my car, and when I lose it or something, I just get a new one. I’m sure I’ve had at least 20 Ralph’s cards. Also, a lot of the times they’ll just scan one they have there at the register if you say you don’t have one.

I have the app, but I’ve found very few places where it scans correctly. And at my main grocery store, the card uses a magnetic stripe, not a barcode, so it has no chance.

Almost every area has famous phone numbers on record, anecdotally I’ve heard numerous people having success with xxx-867-5309 just about everywhere, for instance.

It never occurred to me that Jenny might shop at every store with a discount card. :smack:

Pretty much the only rewards cards I carry are the ones that actually have a rewards program that I use like discounts on gasoline from the grocery store or the sixth oil change is free.

Do you know about this service to put all the barcodes on one piece of paper?

Although personally I just tape together three of the keychain-sized versions side by side. That way I can fold back the two irrelevant ones and not thoroughly confuse the checker.

Do you use one? Don’t many store scanners have problems scanning a phone screen?