Suggestions for carrying a large number of cards

I have acquired a great deal of credit-card sized objects. Only one of them is an actual credit card; the others are things like ATM cards, school and work IDs, health insurance, library cards, discount cards of various kinds, frequent flyer card, etc. etc. etc.

Anywho, it’s gotten ridiculous having all this junk in my wallet. My card pockets are all filled two or three deep. I certainly don’t need to carry the whole collection with me every day, but I’d rather not spend time in the morning figuring out which cards to put in.

So there must be a solution that is superior to a wallet. Some sort of dedicated contraption. Like a simple little card-sized box to put the less-commonly-used ones in. But I’m having trouble finding products that look satisfactory. Anybody have any suggestions?

Most of the shopping discount cards will work if you use the phone number you signed up with at the store instead of presenting a card to the cashier. That could cut down on how many you carry with you - maybe ask the retailers whether you can use your phone number instead of a card?

Many of those cards also have a smaller keychain card version, and I’ve got a separate key ring in my purse for all of those.

If you’ve got a fancy phone, there are apps you can use to scan your cards into the phone, or something, and just use your phone as a virtual card holder. I’ve seen it, but I don’t have a fancy phone so I can’t give you details, sorry.

Try a search for business card organizers and carriers. Many of them are sized to fit credit cards, too.

Multiple wallets. Have a school wallet, a work wallet, etc. If you’re going shopping after school, bring that wallet as well and keep it in your car.

I do something similar to this, but I also keep an extra driver’s license in my car’s sun visor with an emergency credit card. So no matter what, I at least don’t leave the house without one ID and purchasing ability.

I go through my wallet periodically and try to purge any cards I don’t need to carry. Like do you really need to carry that frequent flyer card around every day? And as others said, use your phone number at the supermarket instead of carrying the store discount card.

Here’s what I use…


The other danger of having all that in one wallet is if you lose that wallet, you lose EVERYTHING! That’s a huge pain in the ass. You should definitely not keep all of your ID cards in one wallet, that’s for sure.

I’ve often thought about designing a strip that could be programmable by numerous interests so that you’d have one card and then all the numbers on it… I’m sure they’ve moved beyond that somewhere by now.

Anyway, I ran across some wallet/cases on etsy. You could search there. They have a whole lot of designs for them, that’s for sure.

How about a smart phone, but instead of (or in addition to) the slide out keyboard, we make a slide out magnetic strip. An APP on the phone controls what card you want it to act as. Press the “AMEX” button and it quickly keys the strip and it sticks out the top of the phone. Swipe or insert, and then retract it back into the phone. Heard it hear first, folks!

Do you have a smart phone? You can put your discount cards and library cards on an app like CardStar or KeyRing.


I was so thrilled to do this. If the vendor is not there, you just add it.

My computer thinks this link is a horrible cesspool of viruses and hookers. Or something. I’ve reported it so a mod can check it out and see if it’s just me. :slight_smile:

I used to have this problem, so I moved all my non-essential cards into a card holder. It’s made of PVC and has individual pockets for cards, a bit like a small photo album. You can also use business card holders. I have a metal one, but since all the cards are together I worry about dropping one and not knowing. Right now my wallet only has credit cards, ID and a public transport card.

If you’re looking for something just to hold cards, you might like the Tru Virtu card case.

You can actually put all your club cards on just one piece of paper.

I took the intermediate step of taping together groups of three keychain-size versions into one wallet-size version. That lets me fold back out of the way the irrelevant ones so I don’t have to do extensive instructions to the cashier.

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I have been using GrandBands for years and have been giving them as gifts and to my clients for about 3 years now.

I did wonder why they’re not just a .com. Anyway, I did go on the site before putting in the link.

My wallet contains a driver’s license, ATM card, one credit card, Blue Cross/Blue shield card and AAA card. Oh, and usually some lint and some small amount of cash for those petty incidental purchases.

Store “loyalty” cards and other related things: these live in the console of my car. I take the one in with me when I go to any given store.

Work IDs: Either clipped to my shirt (at work) or also in the console (all other times.)

Care Credit card: in the filing cabinet, unless I’m going for more dental work. The dentist has the number on file, so I don’t even really need the physical card.

2nd credit card: (the one I’ve had since 1992, the long-lived account helps my credit score, plus it has some insanely high limit that I could use in an emergency) also filed away, I have my Internet service charged to it to keep the account considered active.

So in other words, assuming you don’t live/work somewhere where security of a car is an issue, your console or glove box is a perfectly cromulent place to store many of those cards. That way they’re always with you but not filling up your wallet.

Wow. Having to take an entire car everywhere you go makes carrying a bulging wallet seem pretty minor.

True dat. I don’t have a car to store my extra cards in, though. Maybe I’ll stash 'em under the seat on the train. :cool: