I have what may prove to be an unpopular theory.

Question: How did the election of one guy undo the moral and ethical fiber of america? Over night we went from more and more states permitting marijuana and same sex marriages to the streets being filled with swastikas and hate.

We are all being had. Still.

Trump wasn’t elected by the misogynists and the skinheads. (Well not ONLY the Misogynists and Skinheads) but by People that were tired of hearing the same Political machine, the same rhetoric, the gut instinct that maybe Hilary’s public persona wasn’t what she was really like behind the curtain. (I voted for Hilary…mostly because I didn’t think Johnson stood a chance.)

But more than 50% of the nation voted for ‘anything but the status quo’.

They didn’t suddenly become white supremacists, and you suddenly don’t need to fear walking home at nite. If you do, you most likely live in a bad part of town and had to be just as careful last Friday as you do today.

Which brings me to my theory:

The media is righteously pissed that America still voted in Trump, despite their best efforts.

And now they’re taking every opportunity to have a temper tantrum in public, and the people that normally do shitty things like riot and loot and sew dissent are using that platform to do the shitty things they did last week, to more people.

As far as those that say “You’re just a middle class white guy, you can’t possibly understand.” Back the truck up. I volunteer, I teach children, I work to make the world a better place and goddammit, that didn’t change with the residents in the Whitehouse.

Meh, Clinton still won the popular vote. I would think that the media also then has a reason to take those people into account. But I think the media is more shady than that.

The media gave the buffoon 2 billion in free publicity during the primaries and then more during the election.

What you see as tantrums is really them getting the eyeballs they wanted (yes, even you), and now they will get more eyeballs as what Trump will do will also affect more people than many of the ones that voted in protest counted with or were aware of.

More people will be sorry for their votes made to Trump, I think that will be case as in reality both Trump and Hillary got less votes than other candidates in previous elections, and some studies point to a significant number of Democrats that did vote for Trump in protest.

I do think that the ones that did not vote, the finicky democrats that protested with their votes and moderate republicans will not be amused with the promised actions of Trump as many of those did claim that they not only used their votes or no show as a way to protest, but also because they told themselves that Trump was lying about all the extreme positions in order to win.

Without getting too deep in the weeds, Trump is the President Elect, and got there despite the media stirring up everything they possibly can…and now that machinery is trying to cast America as one step from the apocalypse as a result. (Or perhaps it’s just MY Facebook feed that’s doing so.)

“The media” has no basis for complaining - they chose to give the clown the center ring because it sold tickets, and now the clown is the ringmaster.

I’m afraid you are not taking into account that the madia is likely glad for that result.

I did joke that the owners and big time people in the media were now going to send their kids to ivy league college, but now their grandkids will too.

I sure wish The Dope would get with this century so I could upvote this.

One thing people who support Trump don’t seem to get it a lot of us aren’t mad that a republican was elected.

If Mike Pence were the president, and he got elected, I wouldn’t really care. I disagree with Pence on policy, but I think Pence has the competence, temperament, maturity, intellect, etc to serve as president. Same with Romney, McCain, even Bush. I’d oppose Pence’s policy but I wouldn’t feel like Pence becoming president would show that the country had serious deficits in judgment or moral fiber the way I do now that we elected Trump.

Trump does not. Trump is a loose cannon. A deranged narcissist and habitual criminal with no respect for the law. Someone who wants to tear down the checks and balances.

This election let people know that the public really don’t care. They don’t care if the president is competent or if they respect the separation of powers. You can’t even have an honest discussion because then some dittohead will try to pretend Trump is no better/worse than Clinton or Obama. That is a myth, Trump is something I’ve never seen in my lifetime. Nobody has been this deranged, unqualified, dishonest, immoral, sociopathic that I can recall ever getting near the white house. Palin was an idiot, but she had morals. Cheney had questionable morals but even he was more moral and respectful of the law than Trump. There is no comparison. Trump is the worst of every human failing all wrapped into one package, and people could care less.

Plus having someone like Trump win is a sign to all the women, non-whites, people who stand up to bullying, etc. that the disdain Trump feels for people has been validated by the public at large.

The media isn’t creating the outrage, they are reporting it. It isn’t like people are sitting at home, twiddling their thumbs until the media tells us to get upset. They are just reporting on all the grassroots rage over the fact that we live in a nation where people don’t care if the president is honest, qualified or respects the rule of law, or could care less if he runs a campaign based on disrespect for non-whites, women, the disabled, etc.

It is a slap in the face to our basic humanity. It shows character and moral deficits run to the very core of America.

I dislike Trump intensely but as a conservative how can I be anything but pleased by the fact that the man came through and gave the Republicans the House, the Senate and control over all new appointments to SCOTUS and lower federal courts? The latter fact alone will shape America’s future for generations. The man did good!

But it doesn’t…and that’s my contention. The Republicans shot themselves in the foot by not considering him a contender, and the Democrats shot themselves in the foot by not taking him seriously. And here we are.

I found this fairly telling:

It’s the OP maintaining the media didn’t want President-Elect Trump, not me.

I think.
On re-read, I’m less certain what the OP’s point was.

Me too. Along with the rest of that post it’s as much or more of a biased analysis than what it is attacking.

Trump didn’t get an endorsement from the KKK and get attacked by liberals because they didn’t hear him say “and some, I assume, are good people”, but because they believed, due to plenty of evidence, that the core message came before the comma.

It may have been a self-defeating strategy from the Democrats to put the real and actual deplorables front and centre and say “do you really want to associate with these”, but it’s not a lie that they exist and that Trump specifically wooed them.

Those are mighty inflammatory statements…can you back them up? I see PLENTY that show the KKK are supporting him and throwing parades and the like, but I see nothing that shows he’s legitimizing them.

And at least one of the ‘victory marches’ is false:

I’m not a Trump apologist by any means, didn’t vote for him, but the Supreme Court stopped any obstacles to same sex marriage before Trump was nominated and four additional states approved legal marijuana in this election. Trump is unlikely to overturn either of those during his presidency.

There’s stuff like constant retweeting of white supremacy twitter accounts.

It’s obvious that there’s an overlap between many of his talking points and white supremacy rhetoric. Those groups have been seeing his often late and begrudging repudiation of their support as signs of them being political necessities rather than honest statements, and the campaign firming up on them eventually doesn’t change the fact that “The Donald” speaks their message combined with, at times violent, anti-establishment theories with total disregard for the hatred he’s reinforcing.

I don’t know if he will, because I don’t remember him saying anything about weed during the campaign, but he could since he will control the executive, and marijuana is still illegal under federal law. It’s one of the few things he could do all on his own to roll back progress. (Not sure why he would: maybe to give his national security apparatus something to do while they’re waiting to identify people to deport?)

How can you be anything but pleased? You could start by recognizing that your victory comes at the price of getting your party into bed simultaneously with the Klan and with Putin.

If Clinton had won, and it was clear that Kim Jong-Il had coordinated with her and Black Bloc anarchists were marching in triumph, I’d not be jumping for joy.

He could, but last October he went on record as saying that he prefers to leave it on a state-by- state basis.


I take it you’ve never watched his Vlog? He changes positions from day to day, week to week. You can’t trust anything he says to have any real meaning.

Cody Johnston at Cracked.com did a great piece on it. It’s a 21 minute video mostly consisting of clips from Trump’s vlog, but it’s well done and moves quickly.

The media? There ain’t no such beast.

Are you referring to CNN? MSNBC? Fox News? Russia Today? Breitbart? Drudge?

For which you will be judged. We are watching.

In a way, it will be interesting to watch your various factions fight over the spoils. And try to control your idiot president. But it will not be amusing–because too many people will be hurt.