I hereby declare...

National Chad Day!

Let’s have a parade down the main street of every city, placing on a float all people whose first name is Chad!

We’ll all throw punchcard-chad confetti in celebration…

And at the end of the day, there’ll be a lottery drawing (the lottery tickets will, of course, be punchcards). And the winner will get an all-expense paid trip to the Republic of Chad!

Chad is having its fifteen minutes of fame right now, and I, for one, wish to take advantage!

My favorite is pregnant chad.

Although I’m also partial to rainbow chad, and spaceman chad with moving arms.

I know a guy named Chad, and he’s an asshole.

Well, no, he’s dating a total bitch, and SHE’S making him an asshole.

Wasn’t the Samaritans organisation founded by a Chad? (Chad Varah, that is.) Surely that counts as a pretty good Chad.

Also, there was (or perhaps still is, for all I know), a toy-making company named something like Chad Valley - maybe they could sponsor it. My point here is, of course, that it would be an excuse to play with the brightly-coloured toys of childhood, as long as that didn’t detract from the inherent dignity of the occasion, of course.:slight_smile:


The kid who made life hell at the bus stop for me in elementary school was named Chad. The only reason I’d want to see him on a parade float is if the float were rigged with plastic explosives so I could blow him into oblivion.

I have a friend named Chad who is a stand-up/con artist in LA. Fantastic guy. He looks like Louie Anderson, and his plan for stardom is to have his HBO special – called Chad in Chad – open up with him telling dirty jokes around a camp fire. The camera pans to his “audience” which are Masi warriors, who are not amused. Heh.

There are other Chad stories, or Chadtales, as I call them, but he’s a pretty connected guy. Wouldn’t want the legend to get out of control. :slight_smile:

Please explain.

As pointed out by one of the writers at Slate, Charlie’s Angels predicted all of this.

TOM GREEN: Was it the Chad?
DREW BARRYMORE: It was the Chad.

I especially like those swinging chads. They make a party interesting, let me tell you!

I’m with you! The best part of the election stuff is that the meaning of chad will become widespread.

BunnyGirl: Chads are the little pieces of paper that result from a hole-punch. They are being analyzed on ballots and being interpreted to see how the ballots should be counted. Some chads hung on by a corner and the machine did not read the holes as punched.

Chad Lowe has been overshadowed by Rob all these years–could he be a spokesperson?


I wouldn’t be amused either! The Masai are in Kenya and Tanzania, not Chad. Sara farmers would be more appropriate.

But Ms. Swiddles’ presence in here reminds me that this holiday needs a patron saint, which would, of course, be Saint Chad. Reading his life story, he would be perfect! Election skullduggery and what-not.
Chad was consecrated bishop of the Northumbrians with his see at York. But due to an ecclesiastical dispute the new archbishop (St. Theodore of Canterbury) charged Chad with improper ordination and Chad resigned. (Later on Chad was appointed bishop somewhere else.)

On another note, I was heavily disappointed last night when one of the news anchors (can’t remember which network, perhaps ABC) said how the origin of the word chad had been the subject of much debate lately. Aha! said I to myself, I am going to learn a good nugget of information. But all the anchorperson said was “It’s probably not derived from the name of the country.” :mad: Where’s Cecil when you need him, ready and able to go slap these well-coiffed nincompoops?

Chad Everett . . . Mmmmm . . .

Chad? Wasn’t that a movie?

No wait…that was CHUD (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers).

Same thing.

Of course you’re going to have a bad impresion of New York if your only experience is with pimps and chuds.

Looks like I’m ahead of the curve! Today’s Newsday has also gotten on the Chad-wagon! (Page A12 - sorry no link, can’t find that article on Newsday’s web site.)

Chaim Mattis “Chad for a day” Keller

Here’s what the Jargon Dictionary has to say about chad. It even has some historical notes of dubious reliability!

A few years ago, I had read a review in some music magazine of an album by the band Live. The review began, “Remember how, in high school, the single most pretentious guy in your class was named ‘Chad’? Well, this band has two guys named Chad.” Every time I see the name, I still laugh about that.

A couple of years ago, I was working on a show. I forget which one was the DP (cinematographer) and which was the 1AD (first assistant director), but one was named Chad and the other was Jeremy. Of course I laughed and said, “So where are Peter and Gordon?” Some people knew what I meant; some didn’t.