SHAKES, Here I go...

In a recent thread, a fella was wonderng what he should do about the girl who just broke up, the girl he’s got the hots for, who he’s afraid might just use him as the rebound. I told him to try to read her feelings and “be there for her blah blah blah.” :o :o :o

SHAKES comes along and says, “When will my gender ever learn…Gotta grab her, tell her the deal and plant a big smacker on her.” I thought not.

Well, I’m gonna do it. There’s a girl I’ve known for six years, a girl I can’t get out of my head, she just refuses to budge. I’ve been there when she’s had doubts about her less-than-satisfying boyfriend, and how weak she thinks she is. I thought I should give her a bit of time to recover. I’m done. I’m going to ride out to her place tomorrow after work and knock on her door, and tell her that her crying days are over.

And if it doesn’t work, SHAKES, I’m holding you personally responsible. If it does work, I’ll share the good word and give you the credit you deserve.

…and of course, as per SHAKES’ instructions, after I tell her that I’ll give her the kiss I’ve been holding back for six years.

right on, bro!! get all clark gable on her ass! promise to tell us what happens?

I’ll make no such promise, but you’ll know when I either start a Pit thread for SHAKES or a Great Debates thread for SHAKES.

I decided to call rather than appear unannounced. The last time I did that was a real hassle. She said she would come to my place on Thursday, like Luke to his father, [Darth Vader] SHE will come to ME [DV/]. I still plan to do the same thing and sweep her off her feet, though it’s not quite as dramatic this way, unless she plans to do the sweeping.


I take it things didn’t go as planned?

Bad news? :frowning:

Wait a sec - it’s only Tuesday.


<galen ubal shakes head, mightily confused - I should be used to that sensation…>

No, that “AGHHHHH” was just me chomping at the bit. I think I may go nuts before Thursday.

Now what shall I be confused about?

Some things should NOT be put off…press the issue!!!

It would be easier to press if she didn’t live three hours away.

“I can be patient,” I convince myself. “I’ve waited this long. Two days is a walk through…hell, but it sure is warm.”

I know tonight, she comes

That Cars song has been floating through my head for hours now. I am feeling pretty gooooooood.

In a matter of hours, the SHAKES Method will be executed in my living room. I was kinda feeling shitty that I couldn’t go out to her place on Tuesday, but I figured if she wants to come here, that’s pretty cool too, and that giving her a couple more days to get over Mr. Wrong-for-Four-Years wouldn’t hurt.

She tells me it’s easy, when you do it right
Well I know tonight
yeah I know tonight
well I know tonight
I know tonight, tonight she comes
If she jumps on me at first glance though, that would be so anticlimax…but I’ll take that too.

We’re waiting on tenterhooks, kuroashi. Sending good vibes your way.

Well, we’re gonna hafta call the SHAKES Method a qualified success/failure.

I gave her the smooch. By golly wow, what soft lips. But she ain’t yet decided what she’s doing, coming or going. Her boyfriend of four years is still heavy in her mind, which is a matter of course. So she told me, “Not yet. I have to make sure I’m finished with him, on my own.” That’s exactly what I love about her. She doesn’t let anyone boss her around. My only worry is that she’ll get lonely and he lives a lot closer to her than I do, like, same-town closer.

But she didn’t slap me. And she smiled.

She doesn’t trust her own feelings yet, I guess.

So I’m stuck in limbo again, but after about four hours of getting all our history out on the table, I feel like I got rid of a lot of luggage. No tip-toeing around trying to figure out if I’m her friend or her shoulder to cry on. Everything is out in plain sight.

But does anyone know a hitman? Just to be on the safe side…

I don’t kow what to think. I’m so glad I was finally able to even see her after two years, and say everything I’d been thinking, and have her take me seriously. Guess I had an inferiority complex before. What a difference two years can make in a person’s character.

SHAKES, thanks. It didn’t have the earth-shaking effect I was hoping for, but it seriously changed our relationship, and it felt really fucking good.

So, that’s what happened. You guys get all the juicy details.

Nobody else is posting on this, I feel like I’m just babbling.

SHAKES, I may have called the results too quickly. She won’t stop calling me. I can’t get any rest. I think I may just have to pay her a visit tomorrow, with it being a sunny Saturday and everything.

Naw, you’re not babbling off into the void - it’s just hard to come up with something to say.
But, since she now can’t stop calling you, it’s definitely looking up - perhaps she just needed a little time to get her head wrapped around the idea. It seems she has.


Wassup, Kuroashi! Long time no talk. Let us know what happens, 'cause I’m sure I could find you a hit, man.

kuroashi, paging kuroashi, please report to the Cecil the Bear World Tour thread in this forum.