SHAKES, Here I go...

I think I’m not gonna go for the hit man. If she decides to go back to him now, after our last conversation, I’ll know that she loves him, which is to say that after our last conversation, we’s lookin’ pretty good. I must say I was a bit shocked though by her mention of us getting married and such, but I really would have no problem with that either. Mr. Wrong-for-Four-Years upped the stakes on me while I was gone, and I gotta present superior possibilites for her, of which I am very confident I can.

See, that’s where the kiss was good. It got her all bubbly, and she can think about me seriously now, but it still takes a lot of sorting out details.


When Cecil the Bear swings through town, I’ll get a couple of shots of him with this woman, and (maybe) you’ll see why she dominates my dreams and distracts me from my work.

WOW! Marriage, huh? Good stuff!

Kisses are powerful things, aren’t they? I think I’m gonna have to lay a few on my guy before he heads to Shimane tomorrow morning.

Nobody, and I mean nobody has ever over-rated the euphoria of a well executed lip lock - for the locker and the lockee.

Good on ya!

go, kuroashi! woot woot, and all that.

Wow, sounds like you really got into her head. :wink: Marriage sounds a bit premature, but if that kiss can kick-start her into dumping this other guy, that’s great!

Actually, I think what precipitated the break-up was me showing up on the same part of the island when she was going for a drive with her boyfriend, whom she’d been telling me about (I let her dump her misgivings about him on me…). Two days later, she called me. I thought, “OK, I can act now and let my presence be known, or let her try to sort it out by herself, and risk having the guy coming back with a loaded bouquet, begging on his knees.” In the end, I knew it wouldn’t work if I stole her away, so after The Kiss, I told her I’d be satisfied if she were happy, regardless of the conditions, with me, with him, with a bunch of nuns in a convent… Kinda contradictory to unilaterally planting a smacker on her, but I knew that was the best I could do. Yeah, marriage is a bit premature, but she’s just old enough to be thinking that if she doesn’t soon, she’ll never be able to (a pretty inescapable sentiment even for today’s modern Japanese woman).

Why am I telling you guys all this? I sound like a GIRL!

I can’t believe I cut short my Friday night drinks with the guys just to go home and talk to her again for two hours. I usually hate talking on the phone.

Well, I’m gonna try it again tonight (weather permitting) and see what happens.

OK, I said I’d open a thread promoting the SHAKES method if things went well.

Well, over the weekend, things went unbelievably well. Now I’m a believer.

But I can’t think of what to say about the SHAKES method. Something like, “Why guys have balls in the first place” probably wouldn’t work too great.

But it goes deeper than that. It’s just doing what you gots ta do and not worrying about the “what ifs,” even when it’s something you don’t want to jeopardize losing.

And it really isn’t hard. Presenting confidence and a firm hand…done deal. You’re happy as a bug.

She makes great coffee in the morning…


She makes great coffee in the MORNING?!?!?!

Is this a subtle way of saying…

she works in Starbucks?

WOW! I didn’t even see this thread untill just now! All I can say is I hope things work out well for you.

And as far as getting up the moxie and just going for it? Well I don’t know about you but as for as I’m concerned I always feel better after going for it. Even if I get turned down! Becuase at least then I’ll know I didn’t just lay around using my spine as a dust collector!:slight_smile: :wink: