I hit her truck. Now what?

I need advice about an automobile accident I got into a month ago.

Early one morning in January, while backing up out of my parking space, I hit a truck parked behind me. Eeep. :smack: No one was around, but I left a note with my name, phone number, and mailing address on it.

The owner of the truck called me a day or two later, and we got together. In a remarkably friendly exchange, we decided that I would take care of all the damages (which I was perfectly willing to do), just as soon as she could take her truck to the dealership and get an appraisal of the cost of repair.

That was four weeks ago. I haven’t heard from her since, and I’m beginning to get anxious.

What should I do? I’ve already emailed her, and recieved no response.

If there’s anyone out there with legal experience (or just good common sense), what’s your advice?

If you don’t hear from her, you’re clear.
If she gets in touch with you with a bill you’re willing to pay, you’re clear.

However, you have a verbal contract with her saying that you’ll pay to fix the damages, and she can hold you to that. If she doesn’t follow through, that’s not your fault. You should write up exactly what happened, the extent of the damages to her vehicle, and what you discussed with her, and (if you have already contacted your insurance company) send them a copy. If you haven’t contacted your insurance company to avoid getting into trouble, you’re in kind of a bad place if she decides to total her car out and make you buy a new one.

Be sure she gets two or more estimates, that way you can pay the lower of them. Your insurance company might even do their own estimating, mine did.

Thanks for the advice. I still haven’t heard from her though.

And Ethilrist, I’ll be pretty ticked if she decides to get a brand new truck out of me. The dent I made is about 1 inch deep and 6 inches across - hardly worthy of totaling her truck!

But I like the suggestion of paying the lower of two estimates…

If you still see her truck around try to take a picture of the damage now. That way when she tries to get a whole new truck out of it you have something to show the judge.

It was nice of you to leave your name. Lots of people don’t do that. I hate to see the good guys get screwed so go take the picture today!

Thanks, In Conceivable. I do still see her truck around, and I’ve got a Funsaver somewhere. ::):

You’d have to ask the local cops what the statue of limitations are. Then you can start counting the days. from that if you don’t hear from her.