I hope your hands shrivel up and fall off, theif.

My mother, grandmother, and great aunt all live together. I used to live there too, until I was 21 and got my own place. My great aunt Nina was very sick, and spent 10 months in the hospital and a nursing home. She is Grandma’s younger sister, and she will be 87 in April.
In October, she was finally well enough to come home, but since she is still weak and sick, she had to have an aide come during the day while my Mom was at work.
On Christmas, my grandmother was getting dressed for dinner, and couldn’t find her diamond earrings. She only wears them on holidays, and we thought maybe she did too good of a job hiding them after Thanksgiving (she’ll be 91 this year), so we helped her look. Nope, couldn’t find them.
After Christmas, my mother tore the house up looking for them, and while she didn’t find them, she did notice there were a few other pieces of jewelry missing too. She also realized that other than immediate family members, no one else was in house but the aide.
After thinking about it a while, she called the aide, and told her not to bother coming back. She told her she knew she took things from the house, and if she came back, the police would be called. Later that day the agency called, and told my mother the aide complained that my mom accused her of stealing jewelry. Um, no…my mom accused her of taking things, not taking jewelry. The agency suggested my mother file a police report, and she did. The police went to the aide, and told her that we had a nanny-cam on her, and we had everything on tape. The stupid bitch believed them, and confessed to everything. She was arrested, and even turned over pawn receipts. The cops took my mother to the pawnshop, and she was able to identify some of the stolen jewelry. Now she has to go testify to the Grand Jury, and if there is a trial, she’ll have to participate in that too. My mother does not need this shit. She is busy enough with work and home. I wish I lived closer to home in times like these. If that bitch was is shouting distance I’d tell her off something fierce. How fucking dare you steal from two old women who you are supposed to be caring for. They treated you good, they even gave you a God damned Christmas present! I hope your thieving hands rot off. I hope you go to jail, you fucking cunt. The funny thing was, when my mom went to the pawnshop she saw all the jewelry this bitch had brought in that was still in the shop. Not all of it was ours. I wonder how many old ladies this stupid bitch ripped off, after being brought into their homes as a caregiver. You are the lowest form of scum there is, bitch, and you’re lucky I am not there to knock some teeth down your throat. Fuck you.


God, that sucks hard. Well, with a criminal record, she most likely won’t be able to work in home health anymore, at least not in your state. And, with any luck, she’ll draw a long enough sentence that’ll give her time to think about the people she’s hurt.


That sucks, Blu. I have a couple friends who are cops in FR, want me to call them and have them break a few heads? :wink:

I appreciate the offer Rasa, but this happened back home in NYC.

i do not know how it is in NY…
but in indiana, if you have that complaint proven, and the aide is convicted for theft, she could lose her license!

isn’t that a cheerful thought?

What a fucking bitch. My grandfather was taken advantage of by the people who were supposed to help him. He just gave them everything though. He didn’t have much money, so he gave them silver, art, family heirloom type stuff. Nothing could be done because he gave the stuff away. Wicked, I hope that bitch has to pay dearly. I’m glad for your family that you were able to get the stuff back.