I jsut bought muffin tops

Seriously. The grocery store near me has a bakery section…and they make muffin tops. They do not, however, make them the proper way. They make the top a a unit, instead of making a whole muffin and popping the top.

They have special pans for that. They have to…do you have any idea how wasteful it would be to do it your way? Why, we could feed the starving children of the Sudan with just the decrowned muffins of one Manhattan office building. Oh, the humanity! Won’t somebody think of the children?

You could always bring in Newman to deal with the waste.

Well…that’s a good thing! They could pop the top, and ship the rest to…I dunno…Egypt, or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could open a strip joint/eatery and call it Muffin Bottoms. Enforce a three-bottom minimum.

Amazingly, we just had a thread on the horrors of orphaned and abandoned muffin stumps