I just found out who's playing in the Super Bowl

The past few years, it’s been a hobby of mine to see just how long I can go without having any idea who’s playing in the Super Bowl. I mean, since I pay absolutely no attention to football any other time of the year…

Actually, I did find out about Baltimore a week ago, I think… but until ten minutes ago, I had no idea about New York.

I think I’ve broken my personal record.

Can I be even marginally proud about this?

Most of the rest of us are trying to FORGET the two stodgy teams that stumbled into the Super Bowl. Gaaaah.

Drewbert, do you end up tuning in to the Superbowl just for the commercials?
I do.

I STILL don’t know, so I guess I win.
Which NY team? Who the hell is Baltimore now?

You have no idea how ravens have transformed this city. Until last week, the only thing Bmore had to fame was claims of lowering crime.
For the first time, this city has something to be proud of. Everywhere you look you see something purple; you get on a MTA bus to be greeted by cheerful folk wearing purple stuff cheering the team (not by half-drunk drug-addicted construction workers anymore); even the Johns Hopkins clock tower is lit purple!! I found that totally hilarious, but thats the sad truth.
So, please let us enjoy it while it lasts.