I Just Got 6 Tickets AT ONCE by seven COPS. SHEESH

I was just coming back from lunch and kinda of got on it. Then I was going down this street and this car from the other side of street turns into my lane and tries to run me off the road. Then I look in my rear view mirror and there was 7 cops behind me. :eek:

I pull over and the cop tells me to get out of the car. He says get on the curb and starts frisking me for guns. He says he says, "I could arrest you for reckless driving and may just do that. :eek: I asked him why didn’t he get the drunk guy that tried me off the road and then he tells me he was a COP.

Then this other cop says I ran two stops signs and burned my tires twice. Next thing I know there were 5 more cops cars around. Then the cops(that’s right plural) start writing me tickets with one cop asking the other one “how many violation can I write on one ticket?”. :eek: .

They hand me the the 3 tickets with a total 6 violations on them and tell me next time they see me speeding or spinning my tires I am going to jail.

Do you think I should get a lawyer?( I never said I disliked criminal attorneys :wink: ). I mean these guys are trying to get my license suspended.

I did get a witness that said I didn’t run the stop sign though. So I guess I should fight that one.

The violations were as follows:

  1. Disregard stop sign #1
  2. Exibition of acceleration #1
  3. Disregard stop sign #2
  4. Exibition of acceleration #2
  5. Failure to signal #1
  6. Failure to signal #2

Does failing to signal affect your insurance?

I tell you what next time some stupid cop telemarketer calls and wants me to give money to one of their charities I am going to say, “I gave at the courthouse” then they are going to hear a “click”.

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to get out of bed in the morning.

Flame away some of you on me and you other hot rodders I would appreciate y’all’s advice on what to do.

What do you mean by “I kinda of got on it (sic)”?

You mention disputing the stop signs, but not the “exhibition” citations. Just my opinion, but if 7 cops were involved, you are going to need a really good story in court. If you have been truly wronged than absolutely get a lawyer. The failing to signal violations may be an easier one to get out of (plea bargain?). I would also see if there is anyone else to corroborate the “drunk swerving” theory.

Basically, with that many officers, at least one will make it to court. Unless you can prove that you were targeted and completely innocent I would recommend saving your lawyer money and pleading down as much as possible.

That’s just my opinion, you may be wrong.

What I meant when I said I got on it was that I spun my tires but not a whole lot.

Bill, I think a lawyer can help you out of some of your mess. Years ago, I was stationed on the east coast and was driving to meet a girl friend at her parents house. I was driving through a tunnel and came upon a slow car so I changed lanes and passed it. Another car races up behind me with a little yellow light flashing in its’ roof. I thought the car was some kind of repair vehicle and changed lanes to let it pass. The car with the flashing light changed lanes and continued to follow me closely. I changed lanes again to give the car room to pass and it changed lanes as well and started honking its’ horn. I was now wondering what kind of idiot was driving the car with the flashing yellow light and continued to change lanes and it continued to follow me and honk. The car finally pulled alongside me and a guy dressed in a uniform flashed a badge at me and directed me to pull over.

This little guy piles out of his car, he is dressed in khakis, looks like Barney Fife and he is pissed! He runs up to my car and I was worrying he would go for his gun, but I was lucky he didn’t have a gun. The guy is tugging at my car door and screaming at me about changing lanes in the tunnel, I asked him what was wrong with that. This pissed the guy off even more, he now starts grabbing at me trying to drag me out the car window. The guy still hadn’t identified himself and I was thinking a kook had me by the shirt. As he is tugging at my shirt and screaming, another car pulls up behind us and a big guy piles out of it, I thank my lucky stars, I am not going to die today.

The big guy was the supervisor for the little guy, Barney Fife. He calms Barney down and asks what the problem is, apparently it was illegal to change lanes in the tunnel. The big guy asks the little guy how I was suppossed to know this and the little guy responded that there was a sign on the tunnel. All three of us drive back to the other end of the tunnel, the big guy asks Barney to show me the sign, Barney thrusts his chest out and in an authoritative Barney voice yells “Lookie there!”. There was nothing to look at but a tarp workmen had out while they were doing repairs on the tunnel. The big guy told Barney that I couldn’t read a sign behind a tarp and to apologize to me.

So, a gunless cop, that looks like Barney Fife, is somewhere on the east coast waiting for me to drive by again so he can get his revenge.

I hope he hasn’t gotten bored while waiting for me.


(Just kidding get a lawyer and he should help. What you pay now you’ll save in the long run.)

Originally posted by C Thompson

It(my license) will be in good company with yours there huh. :wink:

Yea, I will, already talked to a couple. And they will help themselves to my wallet.

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7 cops cuz you spun your tires just a little? Was that when you were hightailing it out of that bank when the alarms were going off? C’mon Bill… What REALLY happened? You can tell us :slight_smile: Were you bailing through the stop signs before or while the cops were chasing you? Sorry, I’m just chuckling here remembering Rodney King saying how he was just minding his own business and speeding a little. hahahhaha.

In traffic court, if you didn’t do it and have a witness, fight it. If you did it, take your lumps. A lawyer might be able to get you off on the mulitple citations though.

Sorry, still chuckling here with the image of Wild Bill in court. "Honest, Judge… my car spun out cuz uhhh… cuz… there was this banana peel under my tire, and then ummmm… I would have signalled, but uhhh… the banana scared me and I… I… I broke my turn signal lever off! I didn’t see the stop signs cuz ummm… I was trying to put the signal lever back in so I could be a responsible driver… The 7 cops? No of course I wasn’t flipping them off… I was um… uhh… holding up the turn signal lever to show them I was having mechanical problems! Yeah… that’s the ticket! …actually, all 6 of them!

Who said there’s never a cop around when you need one? In my life I have never,ever seen more than 3 cops in one place out side an accident site. Seven why were they all there in that place,at that time?

F- those aaahhI better stop now.

If they were various tickets from different cops, take it to the court date. Any cop who doesn’t show to support his case is a charge dropped. Your witness will help. In court it’s your word vs. theirs.

File a separate harassment charge against the department and get it some publicity, that always helps (and makes you popular with the cops). Make it known that you don’t need five pigs for a stop sign runnin ticket. A lot of lawyers hate cops. I’m sure they’d do it just to get some airtime, even if you didn’t plan on following through with it.

Finally, get a big rock. Push it to the middle of a bridge. Wait for a cruiser to drive underneath and hope your timing is right :wink: :smiley:

punk snot dead,

PS, don’t ever do anything I say. Trust me.

Spinning your tyres is illegal??

Wow. Good thing I don’t live in the US. :wink:

How were all of these violations accumulated without being pulled over right away? Were the cops already trying to pull you over after the first one or two? Did you either not notice them, or were you driving to fast/erratically for them to catch up right away? That is the first thing that crossed my mind as to why they responded with 7 cars, but I don’t want to make any assumptions.

I hope you can beat those 6 moving violations, or at least plead them down or something. I would guess that will depend on your prior driving record, but like I said, its a guess. Otherwise, I have a feeling that you may be picking up a bus pass real soon.

Well, good luck at least!**

**I take that wish of good luck back if you drive like a maniac on a regular basis. In that case you probably shouldn’t have a licence anyway.

So, Bill, when is the tape of this going to be shown on FOX?

[snarky Chris Rock]
Are ya sure yer not black?
[/snarky Chris Rock]
[sub]No, I really didn’t have anything meaningful to add.[/sub]
I’m staying away from whatever state you live in.

It would be like that in my city too. One time I had like four cops & three cars on my back just for walking down the street sharpening my landscape knife.

At least I know where that ‘wild’ part of your
name comes from. :slight_smile:

To find out if you need a lawyer, find out what the fines could be & weigh them against the cost of a lawyer. You should be able to get an initial consultation for free.

I talked to a lawyer today. He said it would be $650.00 for him to represent me. He said he could get it probably reduced to 2 violations instead of 6. At $75 per point per annum for insurance I think I am going to need him. The insurance increase per year alone will be $800.

Man, I try but I still don’t like cops or at least traffic cops. You can add them to the list of professions wildest bill doesn’t like wring. :wink:

(scribble, scribble, scribble) Done.

you do know, for the record, of course, that I also am not a traffic cop, right?

(and you also should send flowers to me- my tongue is really, very, very sore from biting it to keep from replying to this thread). 'd’oh!

Well, I’m not going to flame you, but I have a number of questions and comments.

Let me see if I understand your version of what happened.

You were driving back from lunch. You, for unnamed reasons “kinda of got on it” AKA “[spun your] tires but not a whole lot”. (Why, exactly, were you “spinning your tires but not a whole lot”? As someone who’s ended up with a cracked windshield from gravel kicked up by someone “spinning their wheels, but not a whole lot” as a way to show off to his girlfriend, I’ll admit to a lack of sympathy here.)

Then a drunken policeman comes barreling down the road, aiming head-on into you. You swerve to avoid the drunken cop. Then, 7 police cars, who just happened to be waiting around pull you over and give you a bunch of tickets, (which claim that the several yards you swerved included two stop signs–How big are the blocks in your city?!).

Then these cops admit that they knew that this mystery driver who was playing drunken-chicken with you was a cop (and apparently they’re going to protect the thin, blue line of silence and let him continue to drive aggressively drunk at the lunchtime traffic rush? They must’ve been A) pretty stupid to tell you that they knew the aggressive drunken driver was a cop and B) pretty confident that that aggressive, drunken cop wouldn’t hit anyone after running you off the road. Think about it: The drunken cop, after playing chicken with you smashes into a schoolbus filled with nuns and orphans, and you’ve got seven tickets proving that you were in a position to witness him driving drunk and that all those cops ignored it. You could bring the police departement to it’s knees!

Assuming he was a cop and that they were trying to protect him, you’d think that they’d try to hush you up by not writing you tons of tickets, and send someone after him and get him out of his car.

Or are you implying that this was some sort of set-up wherein an cop gets drunk (or pretends to), drives at people in order to get them to swerve, so that the other cops can fill their ‘ticket quotas’? Pretty dumb of them to tell you of their evil plans. :rolleyes:

I’m sorry to doubt your story, but…well, I do. Given that a simple photograph could show that you couldn’t have run two separate stop signs to avoid a drunken cop, why would the cops make up evidence that’s so easily disproven?

The way you’ve described it, it just doesn’t add up.

I also find it amazing that there are all these groups out to get you: cops, and “scumsucking” plaintiff’s attorneys’, to name two (both of which are apparently out to destroy your life with no provocation.)

Some clarification would be appreciated.

Fenris (who finds it pleasantly ironic that Wildest Bill, the man who liked the thought of denying housing to lawyers, is now in a position where he needs one. Again.)

It sounds to me like you were involved in a high speed (or maybe low speed) chase and didn’t even know it until they cut you off to get you to stop. Maybe you shouldn’t have a license since if that’s the case, you obviously don’t pay attention while driving.

Sounds awfully strange to me. But I wasn’t there so I don’t know what really happened. I agree with Fenris, more explanation would be good.

For $20 or so, you can get a neat book, BEAT THAT TICKET from Amazon.com or Nolo Press (?), your library or Bookstore. ITs a great book.

Get 6 of them.