I just got a dozen roses

I just got a dozen roses. They are beautiful.
And I hit 2000 posts today.

Coincidence or not??

Yeah? What did you have to do to get them?

wish somebody would give me flowers sometime…

Ha, Ha. I sent my girlfriend TWO dozen roses today :slight_smile:

Maybe the stir-fry I made last night was exceptional???

*James, I give you very best stir fry. * :slight_smile:

So does he always give you the same color or does he change that around? Which was it this time?

“Stir-fry”? Is that what they call it in IA?

Better question: What did SO do?

Six yellow ones ( my favorites) and a half dozen red ones.
Casey1505 that’s a very good question, I wonder what he did…

hmmmm----yes what did I do? :eek:

Holy cow, Batboy - he posted!
Do tell, what did you do?