i just got DSL .. WOOHOO!

speeds are awesome… plus no more problems with getting phone calls and having to disconnect
i love it!

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You tha MAN! My husband kept pestering me about getting DSL info (too many busy signals when he tried to call me from work) but as is always the case, they sent the info unasked because there was such a profit to be made. Out of our price range at this time, but something to aim for!

What the hell is DSL?

Hey, I’m a poet and didn’t know it!

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I gotta share my rhyming shit!

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Digital Subscriber Line.

You’re always connected, it’s much, much faster than dialup, and you can use the phone while connected. Neat stuff, but it’s still about $50 a month in my area. I’ll wait 'till it comes down some.

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I have cable modem and it too is really fast. I love it. It only costs about $40 a month.


I have adsl and I am saving money from the dial up service I had. I had a seperate phone line so I didnt have to disconnect everytime I got a call. Im saving about 10 bucks a month switching from 100 hours of dialup service to unlimited adsl service. It rocks.