I just got my Cup tickets!!

They just came in the mail today! I’m floating. :smiley:

USA vs Portugal 05 June
Section E11 Row 22 Seat 23

Korean Republic vs USA 10 June
Section B32 Row 11 Seat 15

Poland vs USA 14 June
Section E49 Row 12 Seat 14

Stop by and say hello if you’re there!

Man, and here I read the title and was jealous, thinking you were talking about Stanley Cup Playoff tickets! I’m so disappointed.

But congrats! :smiley:

Lucky sod!

Somewhat. I have since checked the seats and they are shite, especially considering a) the ticket price (most expensive category, don’t make me say outloud how much I paid) and b) I can still buy better tickets in the last minute sales for 2 of the 3 matches (ROK vs USA is sold out). I ordered these things last summer for chrissakes! I might have to finally make my first ever Pit thread about FIFA. Crooks!

Anyway, Crusoe, loved your comment about Figo in the other thead. Was literally laughing out loud.

See you in Germany in '06!

If we qualify…!