I just got the joke...

There was this episode of Futurama where Fry votes this guy from 80s to be the president of Planet Express. The new guy shows the crew their new commercial.

The commercial turned out to the Mac commercial with the girl in red shorts and white shirt running and throwing the box into the giant television.

Leela says " The commercial doesn’t even tell them what we do!"

So yea, I just got the joke after watching VH1 25 Greatest Commercials.

I finally got the deeper meaning of this one on The Simpsons:

Groundskeeper Willie is in the school basement, practicing his bagpipes near the furnace. Homer enters the school (which is freezing, this being Smarch 13th…they were there to discuss the misprinted calendars) and finds the thermostat. Next to it is a big sign:


Homer: “Hmmmm…do not touch Willie. Good idea!”

…and he cranks up the heat, burning Willie to death.

Sad to say, I only got the sexual reference recently. I originally thought Homer was just being stupid.

I don’t think that was supposed to be sexual.

I do think that was supposed to be sexual. Two out of three!

I don’t. That should even things out. :smiley:

I never thought of the sexual meaning until now, but now I think it’s sexual :wink:

Good grief, you hosers, of course it’s sexual!

No! the simpsons is PG!! (or is it TV-14) Willie is the scotsman’s name!

So it’s a double entendre (sp), pure and simple.

The Simpsons rated PG? One plotline was about Homer and Marge needing to be exhibitionists in order to get off!

Since we’re talking about the Simpsons, can I include a joke I got but none of my friends did? GREAT!

So, Mr. Burns is out of town or some such, and has Homer watching his place. Homer decides to take the yacht out for a cruise, they get to international waters and there are pirates and gambling ships galore. There is also a ship with a large satelite dish. Bart asks what it is doing, Homer tells him, “They’re rebroadcasting professional sports with only implied oral consent.”

I think that is one of the funniest one-liners ever, but nobody else seems to get it! AARGH!

I get it, and I thought it was hilarious.

So when they were snowed in at the school and Willie tells Skinner “Ya won’t have yer Willie to jerk around anymore!”, that was non-sexual as well?

…so either it’s ALSO a sexual joke, or I’ve just got a really dirty mind.

Actually, for once I think that line is just a single entendre. “Implied oral consent” is the opposite of “direct written consent”, which is what they always say on sports broadcasts about rebroadcasts of the game (you need the direct written consent of the network, the NFL, etc. to rebroadcast). Hence, rerunning the game with only implied oral consent would be illegal.

And now I’ve explained the humor right out of the joke.

I’m ashamed to admit it, but i only just realized a year ago the double entendre behind the “Flaming Moe”:

Homer: It’s called a Flaming Ho-

Moe: (Interupting) Moe!! It’s a Flaming Moe!

A flaming Ho-Mo(e). It was, like, ten years before it dawned on me!

Art, I think you’re looking for a sexual inneundo where there is none on that one.

Speaking of hidden sexual meanings, Homer kind of looks like a giant penis.

It is true that they intentionally made “Flaming Homer” sound like “Flaming homo.” They commented on it in the Season 3 DVD commentary. (They did attempt some other double entendres: the censors had them remove a sign in the now-famous “Land of Chocolate” dream sequence in another episode of the third season reading “Hershey Highway.”)

I never got that joke until I saw one of the gay posters (matt_mcl, IIRC) refer to himself as a “flaming 'mo.” Wasn’t even a Simpsons related thread, but I flashed on that episode and gave myself a :smack:

Yaaaaar! It not only be merely illegal, but what is commonly defined as an act of piracy, ye scurvy dog.