I just had a bad dream.

It’s 3:00 AM and I’m up for the day.
I just had a detailed, vivid dream where I was hit by, not one, but, two cars while crossing the street. I could feel the pavement and smell my own blood. I listened while a crowd gathered, talking about never having seen a dead body before.
That’s when I woke up, crying.

I’ve never had such a horrible dream! Usually, telling my occasional nightmares takes away their power, not this one, I’m still shaky.

So how is your day?

Hugs to you. I sometimes have bad dreams that are incomprehensible to me but leave me wide eyed, open-mouthed and shaking in sweat.

Make yourself a nice hot drink and turn on your favorite radio station. It was just a dream.

Oh, my, picu! That sounds horrible.

I’m up and almost at 'em. Off to work, then on vacation for almost a week!

Hope you’ve overcome the shakiness by now.