I just had an "Upper G.I. Series" for my stomach pain - what to expect?

After years of on-and-off stomach pain and medications not working any longer, my doctor has finally had me get an upper g.i. series. I had it this morning. I have some questions now - how long until this uncomfortable bloating wears off? Can I take anything to help relieve the pressure?

Is it likely that the x-rays will be able to figure out exactly what’s going on in my stomach? My doctors have been so unhelpful so far in treating my chronic stomach pain that I’m not holding out much hope for this test - is it likely that I’ll have to continue diagnostic tests to get to the bottom of this? What is the next diagnostic step?

As I said, I’m working all this out with my doctors, but I’d really appreciate any guidance from anyone else who’s been down this road.

Next step might be an ultrasound of your abdomen, I had that when they thought I had gallstones but it’s used for other stuff too. I assume they will also do a lot of blood tests if they have not already. In my case they saw no stones so I got a long list of blood tests for some very obscure things.

After that I guess they could go to an MRI or CAT scan or liver biopsy.

I forgot to mention the upper abdominal ultrasound I had last year - my doctor was concerned about gallstones like you say. I’m apparently the one forty-something North American female without gallstones. :slight_smile: I get my bloodwork done regularly, and they always come back dead on normal. I guess there would be some specialty tests that my doctor could add on if the stomach x-rays are inconclusive.

There are a ton of obscure blood tests, I know because I had many of them. They were so rare they had to write them down on the forms, they were not listed .

I’m reluctant to answer because I am not a doctor and everyone’s problems are different.

I’ve had tons of upper GIs. The bloating should wear off before the day is out, or at least it does for me. Drink plenty of fluids (water.)

It is frustrating, no one can tell you if it will catch the problem until *after *it catches the problem. The test does show a lot.

For me they normally do one of these: and upper GI, an endoscopy or a CAT scan, all of which are helpful for different things. (Last time I had bad stomach pains [OK, technically belly pains, the stomach really isn’t in the loop anymore] I and my surgeon’s Fellow decided on a CAT scan but my surgeon called from his conference and over-ruled us with an upper GI. pffft, like *he *is in charge or something!)

Wishing you luck. I’ve had gastro-intestinal problems forever and know it is no fun!

It really isn’t fun. I’m starting to have hope that I might not be in pain every day at some point in the future; could it really happen? Eat and drink whatever I want, whenever I want, and not worry about the pain to come? Go to bed a little hungry and not writhe in pain and have to get up and eat something? Fingers crossed!