I just had the best kiss of my life, in a dream.

I very rarely have erotic dreams, but a few nights ago was one of those few exceptions. There’s no point in sharing detail, except that at one point there was a sort of nervous kiss that was totally electric. I have NEVER had a kiss that pleasant in real life! Now that I’m single, that’s not a scary thought (hopeful, in fact), but it’s still strange.

Just thought I’d share unnecessary details of my person life.

I don’t have erotic dreams often either, but when I do, they rock.

I also solve all of science’s problems occasionally, and it makes perfect sense in the dream.

I had a really special kiss in a dream last week, and not from my usual demographic.

I often will write really cool stories or songs in my dreams, but then fail to recall them upon wakening. This has led to a phenomenon wherein I will dream that I awaken, and in annoyance of usually forgetting the song or story, will make a point of writing it down, not realizing I’m still asleep. :rolleyes: