I just had the best weekend

This weekend, my friends Lynne and Scott came up to visit me in my new place here in Austin. They’re very interesting people, and are considering starting a side business of renting themselves out to lame parties to provide some life. That is, if the cat-opera doesn’t work out.

Anyway, they came in Friday night, and we proceeded to stock up on beer and other alcohol. Then we came back to my place, watched our reunited kittens chase each other (our kittens are sisters), and got more than a little drunk. Scott konked out early (around 1), but Lynne and I called another of her friends here and got picked up to go to a small party full of people that I almost knew from college.
I sobered up a bit, and she got a bit drunker (I didn’t dare drink whatever it was she was mixing), then we got a ride back to my place in someone’s new convertible. Which is really cool going 85 in the middle of the night when you’re buzzed.

We got back to my place and talked for a while about relationships and stuff (the best thing about Lynne is that I can talk to her about absolutely anything). Then I ended up giving her a backrub, using the massage oil I had bought just in case I got any female visitors. :slight_smile:

Saturday we went out to lunch, then hung around just talking for most of the day. Then we saw Chicken Run (which absolutely rocked), and went out to dinner. Talked some more, got drunk again then walked to blockbuster to get some anime. Scott konked out in the middle of the movie, but Lynne and I finished it (and two bottles of wine). Then she returned the backrub, and we talked about girls again.
Now it’s Sunday morning, and they’ve just left to go back to Houston.

This was absolutely the best weekend I’ve had in recent memory.

My friend Cath is going to start moving in next week, so here’s hoping that the massage oil sees some more use. :slight_smile:

Rock on, pal!

WooHoo, sounds like you had a wild time ! Of course I am a bit jealous, you never offered me a backrub. :wink:

At least someone had a good time.

My weekend was going great until last night when my whorefriend suckered me into going to the bar with her, instead of going out with the guys (which I would have MUCH preferred.)

I get all dressed up in my bunnyhug and jeans and went to pick her up. I get there to find her in heels, a tight black skirt, and a VERY tight blue halter top. Gah.

We go to the Kooler and are playing pool with these two super nice guys, when she starts.

Whenever it was their turn to shoot she’d stick her hip behind their cue so they couldn’t move it. Believe me, that got old QUICK. The guys started getting annoyed, and I was feeling like a super-tool.

The game ends, and despite her ‘efforts’, we lose. I mention that she is the worst bloody flirt I’ve ever met. To this she replies, “It may have been misinterpreted as flirting, but I just wanted to win.” Yeah. Okay.

Now we’re on the dance floor and some psycho steps on my foot. I turn around to see if whorefriend is there, and oh no, she’s off taking to some guy. So yes. I was dancing by myself.

I tell her I’d had enough and that I’d like to go to Champs where we intended to go in the first place. So she struts her chunky butt out the door, the whole time staring at herself in the reflective glass.

Now, we get to Champs and sit down. She says she’ll get me a drink and asks what I’d like. Then she demands, “give me some money.” I hand her a twenty and she’s off.

Whorefriend was standing at the bar for ten minutes flirting with some guy while I sat there and picked my nose. When she came back she told me it was Dave and that he wants her to call him tomorrow. Now, when she told me which Dave, I remembered that she absolutely HATED this guy. I remind her of this, and she says, “But he wants me to call him tomorrow.” Christ.

Now, I didn’t go out to drive a drunken ‘gallavanter’ around, and pay for her drinks. I went out to have a good time. And since I was becoming absolutely livid with her behaviour, I, at eleven, went home to watch SNL.

What fun.

Our softball team got blown out quite badly this morning.

I’m a not very good player having a terrible season. Today was the lowest of the low. I dropped a fly ball that an overweight, epileptic, foreign exchange student that has never played baseball and wouldn’t even know which end of the bat to hold* would have been able to catch.
I mean, when the only good thing that I can say is “At least the ball didn’t hit me in the head” or “At least I didn’t wet myself”, you know it just isn’t your day.
*no offense meant to any of these categories of people

So far, my weekend has been enjoyable. The usual Sat. AD&D game was fun, except that I couldn’t make a role if my chars life depeneded on it…and it almost did. (I didn’t make the roll, but the attackers damage roll sucked.) Also lost two of the characters favorite outfits and rings due to blown saves. argh.
So far today has been a lazy sunday, bought some movies, gonna buy a new powersupply for older comp case, and start stetting things up for fun times.