So how was your weekend?

Saturday was basically cleaning up and watching movies over and over. I swear they should have a looping button on DVD players like they do for CDs. Somewhere inbetween all of that I made brownies with the daughters-of-my-heart. Also somewhere inbetween all of that Bighead (3) and Hardhead (almost 2) were standing outside the door to the backyard. Will (6) (I don’t have a nickname for him yet, but he gets mad if I call one of the other kids stinky. “I’m Stinky” he says as he stamps his foot) was inside the door in the dining room. I hear out of the side of one ear squeals and a taunt in the singsong dialect of the little people: “You ca-An’t get me!” I call from the kitchen, in the voice of the elders: I know you’re not using water guns in the house, right? A rousing chorus of “No Mama!” returns. So daughters-of-my-heart and I go back to crafting our brownies. I hear things softly hitting the carpet. It is obviously not the sound of my children’s feet, be they in my heart or not. I peek. I shouldn’t have peeked. Bighead and Hardhead, darlings that they are, were throwing dirt-bombs at Stinky, and Stinky, not satisfied with the amount of mud on the floor, was egging them on still, in singsong. So I grunt and beat my chest and push them all into the backyard, and grab the vacuum. Plug it in, turn it on, and proceed to rub the dirt into the rug. Apparently, the vacuum is broken. So now I’m completely hosed. No, I mean it. I grabbed the hose and got them REAL good.

At least the story cracked my brother up. He said it’s my fault for having boys and that he was smart enough to have a girl. I’m patient, I can wait for my revenge, he’s got about 6 years left before he’ll have to retract that statement.

The brownies were REAL good. Crunchy on the top and sides with just the right amount of gooey in the middle. Bet you want some milk now.

Pass me a couple of those brownies, miamouse…got any milk? Your kids sound like a riot. I volunteer my babysitting duties anytime.

I worked all weekend. On Sunday night, a guy-friend of mine (that I have a MAJOR crush on) called me and asked me to go watch the street performers at a local festival. We walked around and talked for hours. There wasn’t any hanky-panky (he has NO idea that I like him that way), but just being in his presence and having a good time put me on cloud nine.

I’m 32. Newly divorced. I have the hots for a friend that I’ve known 10 years, and haven’t the cohones to tell him. I feel like a teenager again, and it’s kind of fun!

Hmm. Well, Friday night, I decided that I was going to try to get on with my life Post-Boyfriend[sup]TM[/sup]. I decided the best way to get over it was to hang out with a guy I had dated Pre-Boyfriend. Alas, he has a girlfriend now. I am the only single person I know now.

Saturday, I recovered from Friday night. I moved some of the last of my junk into a new place.

Sunday, I said goodbye to my best friend, who was also my only really close friend. He moved to Atlanta to go to grad school. Luckily, he is dating my old roommate, so I will probably be seeing lots of him. Still, it was hard to see him go, especially since right now I need all the friends I can get.

But this weekend will be different, because we’re having a DopeFest, baby. It’s going to be alright… (well, that’s what I keep telling myself.)

Sounds like you two should get together so you could go prowling together. I fergit what that’s even like. I’m in the same boat, but on the other side of shore. I’m the only married-with-children person I know now. It can get lonely sometimes. [croc tears] I have nobody to bitch to [/croc tears] Um … except you guys of course. :slight_smile: That and the chocolate. Chocolate helps.

I worked all weekend dammit!


I’m general manager of one third of a Perfume/Cosmetics factory. We’re working 60+ hours/week three shifts so all you people can smell good and have nice skin at Christmas! I hope everyone appreciates it!


I slept. And worked on a paper for my English class. Sure, it may sound boring, but it was fun. I like sleeping.

I spent my weekend going down another depression spiral about my ex, binge-drinking and feeling very, very ill. I am responsible for my own suffering at this point, and I am aware of that, which makes me more ashamed than anything.
Since the thread was there, I thought I’d take advantage. I needed to vent.

I saw two movies at my local out of the way movie house. I saw The Good Girl with Jennifer Aniston on Saturday, and I saw Lovely & Amazing on Sunday. Both movies were quite good; I thought Jennifer Aniston did a good job with her part. She definitely wasn’t playing Rachel here. Lovely & Amazing was an ensemble piece, with several actors weaving in and out of episodes in Southern California. Oh and my toilet exploded last night and flooded my bathroom. Thank goodness there was a maintenance man still in the building and he turned off the water and sucked the standing water up. Today he fixed the toilet and now I just have to have a blower evaporate the carpet in front of my bathroom. Isn’t it great being a homeowner?

I’m going to go with loupdebois’ idea and vent, since this thread is already here. I spent all weekend with my girlfriend, spending our final few days together before we break up helping her move into her new place down in LA. And now I am single again and missing her. I think I will also follow loupdebois’ lead with the binge drinking. At least for tonight.

I spent my weekend doing much the usual, really.

Friday: I went out to the library, and then to Chapters bookstore. While at the bookstore, I got three books: the 2002 (hardcover) edition of the Guinness Book of World Records (for less than $5!), a paperback version of Drums in Autumn by Diana Gabaldon (for my friend’s birthday… it’s a little late, but I’ll be seeing her this Thursday at my party), and a trade paperback version of Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert Massie. (it’s about the last Russian czar, his family, and the last years of Imperial Russia… I’ve wanted the book for 10 years, and only now have gotten around to buying it)

Later, I had dinner at the Cactus Club, then I had a Bible Study Fellowship program. Our group got kind of sidetracked when we were discussing names (weird ones, weird misspellings, etc.), but we had a great discussion! Very hilarious, at any rate. After I went home, I just had to crash. (much to a certain person’s dismay, I know)

Saturday: Nothing too exciting. Stayed home (and chatted) for most of the day, then decided to go to my brother’s. Decided to see if I could use the scanner there, but couldn’t really make heads or tails of it. Didn’t see my brother, unfortunately. I like him better than I like my sister. (which she absolutely hates) Hehehe. :smiley:

Sunday: Went to church in the morning, where my favorite kid’s mom told me that she had a new job. Good for her! Then I learned that one of our good friends is leaving on Wednesday for Hong Kong. She got offered a teaching position there for one year to teach kindergarteners. She’ll be good with the kids. In fact, I went to her farewell party just yesterday night, which was fun, but bittersweet in a way.

Had fun with my friends, then went to my brother’s again. Finally learned how to use the scanner (after a couple of hours… yes, I’m dense) and sent my photo to certain people. (you know who you are) Tried it once, and it didn’t work. Then after a bit of fiddling around, it actually did.

After that, I went to my friend’s house for a farewell party for my sister, who’s going to Mississauga to study forensic science. We watched a funny movie, and basically had a bunch of fun. :slight_smile: Went online at her house for a little while (hey, so did my brother), and found a couple of emails from people saying how good I looked in the photo I’d sent them. Of course, I didn’t really believe them, but it was nice of them to say so.

Later on, I finally went home and talked to someone else who had recieved my photo… he said I looked great and he loved the photo. Certainly my brother was exhibiting his usual goofiness in the photo, and at least the photo holds good memories for me. :slight_smile:


Friday night:

Had to work late, then ran from work to the city just in time to see the latest play leechboy is helping out with.


Cleaned the house, did the washing, cooked some stuff, cleaned up the kitchen from the cooking mess.

Played with the dog and worked on his “You are not the Alpha Male” training.

Got a tetanus injection 'cos the cat scratched me.


Felt ouchie from the injection so I spent the most of the day feeling sorry for myself.

More training time with the dog.

Did the fortnights grocery shopping.

Finished a cross stich I had been working on since Easter - Yay.

Saturday, slept in, got breaky in bed, made love in the shower, washed the cars, internet.

Saturday night wasn’t too great. I was told I needed counselling :frowning: I know I don’t. That person isn’t a particularly close friend anymore.

Sunday, gave breaky in bed to my SO, went for a walk along the beach, did some housework.

Sunday night with another couple (our best friends) eating dinner, watching movies. Lots of laughs and a little bit of alcohol. Nice evening.