I just hung up on the President.

I’m waiting for a phone call from my sister, who is overseas. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother picking up on calls that leave no number on caller ID.

ring Blocked call. (If I’d been thinking, I would have realized it was almost 3:30am where she is.)


“Hello, this is George Dubya Bush. Blah blah blather bl-” click

That was far more satisfying than it should have been, for a mature person. :smiley:

Ha! Good stuff, good stuff. I don’t like getting calls from strangers either. :slight_smile:

Me too! Didn’t it feel great?

Muuahahaheheheheeheheh! strokes white cat, adjusts eyepatch

Reading your thread almost makes me wish I’d gotten a live campaigner, so I could give them an earful - and then pass the receiver onto a couple more members of the household in turn. This probably should have been tacked onto yours; looks like it’s Mass Phoning Day just in time for the RNC.

Was it the same message I got?

It doesn’t matter, the Dubya message was just a cover… the second you put the receiver to your ear, it played an ultra-sonic code that only your subconscious can hear, and it installed some cerebral malware in your brain. Your entire cerebral cortex is open to any Republican that wants to hack it! In a few weeks, you’re gonna start thinking that abortion is murder, and that God wants you to beat up guys with oil, and that, y’know, them gays have been goin’ a while without any good discrimination…

I suggest you commit hari-kari now, and save yourself the horror of being taken over by a Conservative Virus.

SPOOFE, why don’t you pass the time by playing a little Solitaire?

So, they’ve gotten to you too, huh?

No one can resist the power of the ancient Sumerian’s nam-shub. You will have to hope Hiro Protagonist comes around in time with his restorative nam-shub.

DElivered perhaps by Shub-Shrub?