I just napped during a football game - I'm becoming my dad!

If there is anything more dad-like than napping through a football game, I don’t know what it is. Every Sunday Dad would put a game on, lay down and sleep (I’m just resting my eyes.) God forbid we change the channel (even though he was sleeping.)

And I just did that!

Next thing you know I’ll be making stupid jokes at the restaurant when the waitress comes. :eek:

Let us know when the Early Bird dinner special sounds as appealing to you as it does to me.

Fast asleep is the only way to watch a Lions game.

I knew I was getting old when I accidentally took a golf nap one afternoon. My boyfriend came in, “Why is the Golf Channel on? Are you asleep?”

“Mrrrh? Hey, I was watching that!”

I’ve found myself doing that before. It’s OK by me. It’s Sunday, football’s on, all is right with the world, why not fall asleep?

On a slight tangent, I’ve noticed something odd. I often fall asleep during night games, since they’re only catering to vampires, apparently. But I invariably find myself waking up when the game is ending, and it’s close; i.e. a game winning field goal try, etc. I have a wacked tinfoil hat theory that they have some kind of dog whistle thingy that wakes people up in this situation.

Of course, I’ve also been known to wake right up if there’s a sex scene in a movie in the middle of the night, as well, so maybe there’s some kind of Pavlovian thing going on.

Falling asleep during football? I’m surprised anyone can keep their eyes open.

10 seconds of play interrupted by 10 minutes of extracurricular events…

I think I’m slowly getting my dad’s nose. I hate my dad’s nose. Mine looks fine.