I just ordered all 45 episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus on DVD.

So nyah nyah nyah!

(If you didn’t understand me, perhaps I could say it in a higher register!)

I had seen the whole set for sale on Amazon, but the price of about $170 has caused me to put off this purchase for a bit. Where did you find it, and for how much?

Had it for well over a year.


OK, friedo, so you’ve succeeded in making at least one Doper jealous. I’ve got the first four DVDs of episodes, and will have the get the rest later…much later. Damn unemployment.

The remainder of the Monty Python series is on my future DVDs-to-get list, along with the entire run of Blackadder.

No you didn’t.

Yes I did!

(wink wink nudge nudge!)

I’m sorry, I can’t argue with you anymore unless you pay.