I just picked a few specks of lint from my keyboard. Guess what.

One of them was on the “.” key… :smack:

Three times I tried to scrape the little bugger off before I realised what I was doing.

Heh. They say that absent-mindedness is a sign of genius.

On a few occasions I have spent a few seconds trying to scrape off something that appeared to be stuck on the F and J keys. Also on the 5 key on the number pad.

I’ve done that to the F and J keys too.

I’ve tried to swat a fly off my monitor…

… using the mouse…

… pointer.

Didn’t work very well.

Not computer related but I spent a good 30-45 seconds in front of an automatic door in a hotel trying to understand why it wouldn’t open.

Answer most given: It was a full length window.


At least it made the concierge lady smile…