I just put epoxy all over a Rolex. [art update]

So tomorrow is the final critique for my sculpture class. I am finishing two pieces:

One is a two-canvas painting with sculptural elements; this is the one that I was kindly given a broken violin for by a doper* for only the cost of shipping (from this thread)*. The violin is cut in half and… well you’ll have to wait and look at the photos because it’s too hard to describe.

The other one is the one where I asked if anyone had broken clocks/watches for a month or so back. I’m building the tortoise shell now, which is made of a bunch of clock faces and watches. Between the ones donated by dopers and the ones donated by friends and family IRL and the stuff I bought on ebay I’ve got quite a good selection.

That said, it feels really strange to put a big blob of epoxy on a Rolex and glue it to something. Heh.

Photos tomorrow, if not sooner. None at the moment, however.

*I know the person’s real name (and email address) but can’t remember what online name it matches up to, so I hesitate to say who gave it to me. Sadly, I don’t have the PMs anymore where the whole thing was hashed out, only the emails which don’t have a screenname on them…

**yes, my concept of “about to start” may vary from the typical timeframe

Ok I have pictures! These are links to albums with progress photos and also the finished* pieces.

Burden of Time (clocks and watches thing)
Paint Dance with Violin Solo (cut in half violin thing)
*technically the tortoise isn’t finished as the body of the guy is going to be bronze, but won’t be poured until next semester. What you see there is a very quick-and-dirty plaster casting that I’ve painted. I didn’t bother much with it (in fact one his feet broke off and I just sort of glommed a lump of plaster in its place and said hell with it. I only made him so that I could build the shell in such a way that it actually would fit on him (and so that when I took it to scohol it would look kind of right rather than having to say “imagine that there was…”)

Neato. Acid Likey.

Remarkable. You are very talented! I’m sure your final critique will go well. I’m quite jealous - it makes my own recent craft attempts look rather pathetic!

I’d love to own pieces like that - my husband and I are starting to get in a financial position where the “art” in our home can be upgraded from framed movie posters and action figures to original painting, mounted prints and original or replica sculptures.

The critique went very well. I was automatically sort of in an “ahead” position simply because I was one of only 3 people in the class who actually had finished projects to show/ Heh. We saw a lot of “when it’s done, this part will look like…” “…and there is going to be a…” etc.

Must be a pretty hot picture since my firm’s website blocked it. :slight_smile:

The turtle is very nice. He looks like he’s just truckin along there.

It was me. I wouldn’t worry too much. It was a Mexico replica. But please send me a pic when you’re all done. I’m sure it will be art worthy of your reputation.:slight_smile:

I really like your tortoise shell.

Yeah we were all joking around in the critique wondering if they were from Mexico (complete with "hey mister, you wanna buy a watch? open jacket). The general consensus was that since they was broken and scrapped, they were probably fakes, since most people would have a real Rolex repaired.