I just saw Bubba Ho-Tep, and I've got a few questions...

I know there are a couple of other Bubba Ho-Tep threads, but they’re the “I saw it, I liked / didn’t like it” type.

Here come the questions:

When Jack and Sebastion/Elvis are making plans for the mummy, Jack says " There was a rumour that you hated me". So, was there really a rumour that Elvis hated John F. Kennedy?


I don’t remember there being Elvis impersonators while Elvis was still alive. Especially not successful ones. Am I wrong.


Why was the mummy dressed in cowboy clothes?
At first I thought it was cowboy boots and a pimp daddy hat, but then I realized it was probably a messed up cowboy hat with a feather.

I’m guessing because the Mummy Landed in Texas. Other then that, it makes no sense and I don’t think it’s supposed to. It also gives the reason for the title.

I think the fact that Elvis is still looking and dressing the same way he did when he was last seen alive gives away that clothing in the movie is all about style, and not logic.

Could have sworn they explained this in the movie. I saw it in it’s theatrical release some months ago, so my memory’s foggy. IIRC, it’s something similar to why The Terminator wore what he wore in the first movie, IE: It’s the duds of the first guy he ran into. Even iff they don’t explain it, that’d be my best guess.

In the DVD commentary, they mention a deleted scene where we see the driver of the Bus carrying the mummy wearing that outfit. After the crash and his release, Bubba must have taken the clothes from him in an effort to fit in.