Bubba Ho-Tep

See this movie.

Where else can you see Elvis and JFK fighting a soul sucking demon in cowboy boots? They really did a good job with this flick. If anything, it was restrained, not over the top. Considering the subject matter, that’s a big surprise.

Stay until the end of the credits, some gems in there.


Slight bump, please go see this movie. Bizarre, yet wonderful.

Also, I just tracked down the site for one of the previews. Check out the trailer for [scary echo effect] The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra [/see]. It’s a spoof^H^H^H^H^H homage to the really bad 50’s horror classics like Plan 9 and anything else by Ed Wood. And the website is a hoot.

I would if there was a theater in my area playing it.

Bubba Ho Tep was the kickoff movie for this week’s Indie Memphis film festival. I thought it was great. You’re going to scoff, but Bruce Campbell probably deserves an Oscar nomination. His portrayal of an elderly Elvis is spot-on–funny and poignent when appropriate. Of particular note is the scene where

Elvis visits the impersonator who will take his place. The impersonator, who is also Bruce Campbell, falls on his knees and kisses the King’s ring. The tone is absolutely perfect.

Ozzie Davis does a fairly good job, but he looks lost sometimes. The movie’s shortcomings–it felt a little padded in places with too much telling and not enough showing–are easily offset by Bruce’s virtuosity. If it comes to your town, it’s worth at least a matinee.