Bubba Ho-Tep: Bruce Campbell, Elvis, and a Mummy!

It sounds weird as hell, but hear me out. This film (said to be more drama than horror, so I guess it’s a horror/drama), is going to be fucking on fire. Here is a quick write up of the plot…

…yeah, on the cover it sounds like straight to video tripe, but underneath it all, it’s much, much more. Already at the HBO Comedy Arts Festivle, Bruce Campbell won Best Actor, and the film also won Best Screenplay. All the while, various critics and people “in the industry” are hailing Bruce Campbell’s performance as the best of the year so far, and is actually outstanding enough to be up for Best Actor at the Academy Awards.

After you get past the idea of the Mummy in this film, the movie is basicly about the trials of growing old, and basicly how much it can suck. We see an aged Elvis trying to cope with what he has become, after at one time being the King of Rock & Roll. For a video of parts of the film and the such…

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…and for an eight minute or so radio talk show on UPNRadio about the film…

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…now I know it sounds totally odd, but get this. Wouldn’t this be worth releasing? Why not take a chance on a film like this? The film does not have a distributor yet, but I hope to God it does. I know I’d be there the first in line, this is exactly what we need in Hollywood. Something different, something odd, something to get people excited about new ideas in Hollywood…once more.

Also, head on over to IMDB by clicking right here and check out some of the comments from those that have screened it. The movie so far has a 7.7 rating (pretty high for IMDB) with 149 votes so far. There are some great quotes on this film, one being…

…just check it out, heh.

I’ve been reading about this one at Ain’t It Cool News. I’m really excited to see it. It’s probably too cool to get distribution.

It’s cool to see others have their eye on it. Is there anyone else out there? :smiley:

When I saw Bruce speak on campus a year ago (after a book-signing, I got him to sign TWO and personalize one for my brother’s birthday :slight_smile: ) he said they were still looking for a distributor. Sounds like they are still still still looking for a distributor. The whole audience erupted with laughter at his description of the film, if they’d had a distributor lined up they could have sold plenty of copies right in that auditorium.

It’s too bad that potentially great B-movies just sit around like this. (The quality of B-movies has always been better than people give them credit, frankly if Bruce’s films are B’s, then anything done by Jerry Bruckheimer and Adam Sandler’s last 3 films get a big fat F. And pretty much any B-list actor has more talent in his/her pinky finger than Liv Tyler or Rob Schnieder have in their whole bodies.) Aren’t there distributors out there who specialize in B-movies? Or has the decline of the VHS made that too difficult?

There was another thread about this film in Cafe Society, started by TGWATY. Last post for that was 2/25/03.

I’ve been waiting for this to be released since I first read about it at Bruce Campbell’s homepage. I really hope it gets picked up and distributed. Campbell is one of the few actors who’ll make me want to see a movie just cuz they’re in it, and I love the premise.

I believe the technical term for that is “drorror”.

Not to be confused with a “ho-rama,” which is entirely different.

Greatest post of the, well, of the day at least! :smiley:

I am eagerly awaiting both this title and Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter to get DVD releases, dagnabbit.

First I’ve heard of this flick, but it sounds fantastic =)
I must visit Bruce’s homepage more often …

I saw it about a month ago. A local Horror Magazine showed it at a goth Bar. It was hilarious. Bruce’s Elvis was spot on except the one bit where he did Elvis on Stage… not quite right.
There were no Elvis Tunes in the soundtrack (But if they ever get Distribution I’m sure that could be fixed)

It is one of the funniest films I’ve seen in a while. Great acting and witty script. You also feel really sorry for Elvis and his plight, Bruce really nailed it.

You can find the short story that the movie is based on in Joe Lansdale’s Writer of the Purple Rage. The story, appropriately, is called Bubba Ho-Tep.

Then read all the Lansdale books. A great writer with a wicked sense of humor. Does scary rather well also.

JC-VH ia available on Amazon

this movie ruled!!!

Elvis is the King, baby!

It’s playing in NYC now in at least 3 different theaters, so apparently it did get a distributor.

It played on one screen (in an art movie house, of course) here in LA last week, and is in two or three theatres this week.

The film was pretty good. There is no “proof” that this is the real Elvis (other than his own story and the scenes of the flashbacks of his tale that he is telling), so no definitive evidence he is really who he says just as there is no definitive evidence that Ossie Davis really is or isn’t the real John F. Kennedy (except of course that everyone watching the film believes that Ossie Davis is truley demented in believing this). But other than showing some actual “scenes” of the story Elvis tells (as the film is shown from his point of view), there is no reason one of them should be considered more “lucid” than the other. Apart from their belief in their own true identities (and an eventual belief in The Mummy which they understand no one else would believe if they should tell them but is presented in the film as really happening), they act very lucid and rational and sane the entire film.

Overall, a nice combination of comedy and horror, neither of which is over the top.

Will it be out on video, if it doesn’t make it to theaters outside the major cities?

I soooo want to see this movie. Unfortunatly it will probably not be shown around here any time soon. :frowning:

Am I the only one who thought this movie was pretty lame? It seemed to me that they had a can’t-fail concept and figured that was enough; they didn’t need to bother coming up with a good script. An hour into the movie and they’re still saying, “Get this – it’s Elvis… and Jack Kennedy… fighting a mummy! How wacky is that!”

There was this whole theme about the value of life and the indignities of old age, but it was undermined by the fact that they took the low-brow route everywhere else. It felt like what would’ve been a single brilliant episode of “Tales from the Crypt” or “Amazing Stories,” stretched out to feature length. So I’d say don’t worry too much if it’s not playing in your area; you’re not missing much if you wait for the video.

It still hasn’t made it to Austin, and I’m getting incredibly pissed! Usually, this town is really good about getting odd and independant movies, but this one still seems to be skimming under our radar.