Bubba Ho-tep

In case you hadn’t heard.

Bubba Ho-tep

Hail to the king, baby!

I saw this movie at the Cinevegas film festival this past summer. Bruce Campbell was there and had a Q&A after. Great movie. At the time, they had not arranged for distribution. I don’t know if this is still the case, but I hope they get it.

Okay, maybe you all need a little more enticement to click on that link.

Elvis Presley, who never died and now lives in a nursing home in east Texas, takes on the undead along with help from JFK (played by black actor Ossie Davis!)

Starring Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead) and directed by Don Coscarelli (Phantasm)!

Kooky, right? But it’s not just a goofy horror movie. As Campbell described it, "It’s actually a very sweet, character-driven film about old age. " All of the reviews I’ve read have been glowing.

Now check it out!

No problem enticing Joe Lansdale fans to click on the link – I was hoping you were gonna say that the movie found a distributor.

The movie’s going to be hard to find, for those of us who don’t live in a major market.

I think it had a short run at a festival in Toronto, but except for Vegas, where else is it playing?

Nowhere, I think.

Eventually, there’s video. Just think – in the days before VCRs, we might have no hope of getting to see this gem.

Well, maybe if it keeps playing festivals, it’ll pick up a distributor.

And you’re right – there’s always the video to look forward to. :slight_smile:

Hey, it’s got my man Bruce. I’ll check it out.

Ok this is a real co inky dink
It is playing in Toronto Tomorrow night (and only tomorrow night) thanks to the good people at Rue-Morgue Magazine. I’m going Can’t Wait!!!

Bah. I thought you were announcing the nation-wide release. :frowning:

Is there a trailer we could download anywhere?

I have not found a trailer anywhere, but the link above gives a Flash-driven teaser.

Toronto again!? Lucky bastards.

That’s what happens when you show the kind of Love for Bruce we have here in T.O. unfortunately he won’t be here… But I get o see it YAY… 4:30 remaining!!!

Damn, I should be reading the papers more often… less than an hour & this is the first I heard about it playing tonight! Link to review/notice in Eye Magazine.

Woo hoo! That was great! Damn Bruce was excelenet. Though I hope if they get distribution they will get to put in some Elvis Tunes.

“I ain’t waking up to some dried up mummies lips sucking my ass”

I read “Bubba Ho-tep” and a couple of other Lansdale stories recently. I give it a thumbs down. Unless your idea of clever is revolting metaphors and unabashed references to incest and masturbation, don’t bother. I kept thinking things like (in mental Beavis and Butthead voices) “heh, heh,… he said ‘poop’.”

Which stories did you read besides Bubba Ho Tep?

If he’s not your cuppa, then he’s not, I won’t try to convince you otherwise. But Joe writes in different “flavors”, I guess you could say. He can be incredibly deep and moving, and then he can be downright silly.

He posts free stories on his website, www.joerlansdale.com – he’s definitely worth a second, third and fourth try, IMHO.

So are we saying that the movie is faithful to the spirit/content of the original stories? 'Cause that’s not really been my experience with book-to-movie adaptations.

Thanks, AuntiePam. I’ll keep it in mind.

The problems I had with the writing were mostly in the narration and won’t translate to the screen since they just show it on film instead of telling it. Have no fear. This is going to a good film.