I just saw my first new Mini-Cooper today

Omigod - this is hands-down the world’s CUTEST car.

[tim taylor] Aw geez! How many times do I have to tell you? Cars are NOT cute! [/tim taylor]

I don’t care – the Mini-Cooper is cute, and not just because it’s small. The car I saw had dealer’s plates, and it was kind of a dark pewter gray with a cream-colored top. All views of it were so pleasingly designed: rear view, profile, and especially the front view. I’m seriously thinking of trading in my Honda Accord on one of 'em. And I bet they get terrific mileage, too.

Okay, who’s going to check in and tell me how much they suck?

Check out Mini USA’s website.

The mini-cooper S will hang with a Mustang GT. Straight up.

I want one. I’m going to have one. Can you imagine how easy to parallel park?

Minis ARE cute. And supposedly a lot of guys buy used Minis and replace the engine with an engine from a racing car. Since they’re so low to the ground, they feel like they’re going fast.

DaowaDad wants one.

I want one!!! I already drive one toy car (yellow VW bug) so another one would fit right in.

i saw one today as well. it was in the middle of the rotunda of an office building with 4 other cars. it was red with the cream top. there were about 20 people huddled around it.

the had an article on it in the news paper yestaurday. they showed one of the eagle football players trying it out. he fit in there fairly well.

I seriously was going to purchase one.

THEN I heard they are not being distributed in Texas.

I HATE you MINI cooper corporation.

You broke my heart.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I saw a grey one turning onto Mississauga Rd from Financial Drive. near the headquarters of the Royal Bank. just north of the interchange with the 401, on Thursday morning at approximately 8.50. Like every vehicle around it, it was snarled in the unceasing traffic chaos of the Greater Toronto Area.

But it was cute! :slight_smile: