I just saw Tiger Woods!

Just saw Tiger Woods tee off at the 11th hole of the Buick Invitational (we have a spectacular view from our offices)! It was a good shot, too, according to the golfers in the office.

Um, that’s it. :smiley: (Oh, yeah - he’s a hottie, too!)


I’m having deja vu.

Traffic tonight is going to suck. Yesterday, heading to the freeway, there were 20 million cars plastered with the “Courtesy Vehicle” signs on them.

At least you get to see him. I’m far enough down on Genesee that I don’t get to see him, just the traffic of everyone else who came to ogle him.

Tomorrow I’ll run by the driving range in the morning, and will hopefully get a view of him warming up then.

Go Tiger!

Yeah, the traffic tonight is gonna suck. So I’m leaving at 2pm - Yay me!

Oh, and yes he is a hottie!

Funny, I was coming in to ask if he was hot. But I see you’ve all already got your priorities straight without my assistance.

You lucky duck!!!

I saw Tiger at the Buick open a few years ago, and at the ProAm in pebble beach as well. He was pretty much a dick to the crowd.

No! I won’t hear it!

Don’t sully my mental image of Tiger! He’s just focused on the game, right? Right???

:: rowr ::

Plus, he doesn’t tip.

What’d you mean “doesn’t tip?”

Like, “Mr. Pink” doesn’t tip, or “Weebles wooble but they don’t fall down” doesn’t tip?

Bwa ha ha!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him fall, so maybe your second guess is the right one. :dubious:

Mr Pink, I guess-whoever that is. In restaurants.

Didn’t you boast about this last year, too?

Yes he did. Right about now I’m wishing I worked with him too so I could just sit and stare at the golfers all day. NO I mean to watch them play some of us actually like golf.

Mr. Pink is Steve Bucemi’s character in Resevoir Dogs.

Yep, that’s why I said I had deja vu.

I probably replied with the same piss and moan about traffic, too!

I live in Augusta (or just outside it to be precise). I feel your pain.

I figured it was but I did a search and I couldn’t find the thread so I thought perhaps I was having a déjà vu.

Ooh. It may have been lost in the period of time the board was down. That happened 'round about February last year, if I recall.

Bah. That means we can’t prove anything! Damn you, Esprix! Won on a technicality.


I rule. :smiley:


Yes. Yes you do.