I just turned down the volume

I use my Ipad in bed after my son and wife fall asleep. I mainly read SDMB, news; I sometimes open apps. Why do the makers think I turn down the volume? I click on an app or sometimes accidentally in a website- blaring noise and music starts. I want someone to blame- can I blame Apple or the app designers?
I know someone will point out some setting to stop apps starting up with noise. But I cannot find that. Plus I just turned down the volume. Isn’t that good enough?

Does the iPad have different volume settings? My Android has separate sliders for music, video, games and other media; ringtone; notifications; and system. I think there are apps that give even finer control over sounds. I’d assume that Apple would have something similar, but I’m not familiar with the OS.

Yes it does, and only one is controlled by the buttons. You can decide which one in settings.

ETA: Why is this in the Pit? Seems more like a GQ.

Because I am incredibly annoyed with this. I do not care if there is some special setting I have to learn.