I just voted and it was a complete waste of time.

After casting my ballot, I am still undecided. I don’t have a good feeling about any candidate (although there was a local issue that I had an opinion on), but I do have the feeling that whoever wins will muddle through just as well as the next guy.


The battle is not always to the strong, nor the race to the swift, but that’s the way to bet it.

If either candidate had done a decent job of presenting a convincing argument, this election would be a done deal, rather than still fairly close.

What makes you think it’s still fairly close? Despite McCain’s rhetoric, he hasn’t got a chance of winning Pennsylvania or Virginia, and Ohio is steadily slipping away. He needs those states.

And sweeteviljesus, do remember that there are other races on the ballot besides the top one. There are several places in the country that have batshit crazy incumbents.

It’s true that most political leaders don’t achieve much, despite their well-meaning efforts. The economy tanks or there’s a natural disaster etc.

However it’s clear that Bush has been actively disastrous (Iraq war, Guantanamo Bay, War on Terror etc) and ruined the US reputation (torture + imprisonment wthout trial), so it’s important we don’t get another President like him.

No incumbents on my ballot are batshit crazy in my opinion, but I don’t feel very good about them either. Maybe I need to form my own party…


You can have Michelle Bachmann, if you want…

If there was a single question on the ballot that you had any sort of opinion on, then it wasn’t a waste of time.

You think you have it bad?

Try being an Obama supporter in Utah.

Look in the dictionary under “Futile,” you’ll see a picture of a Utah resident voting for Obama.


I’m really curious about the way you worded this…do you really feel like YOU are getting another President?

By the standards of American presidential elections, it’s not close. The race is essentially decided, based on current statistics; only a very massive cheating effort, or Obama strangling a kitten on live TV, will change the outcome now.

538.com cites Obama’s lead in the popular vote as being approximately 5.6%, which in a Presidential election is a pretty reasonably good lead, and because of the distribution of votes it understates Obama’s dominant lead in likely electoral votes. It’s certainly not unusually close. Here are the splits for the last number of elections, in popular vote:

2004: GW Bush 2.4% over Kerry
2000: GW Bush -0.5% over Gore
1996: Clinton 8.5% over Dole
1992: Clinton 5.3% over Bush
1988: Bush 7.8% over Dukakis
1984: Reagan 18.2% over Mondale (!)
1980: Reagan 9.3% over Carter
1976: Carter 2.1% over Ford
1972: Nixon 23.2% over McGovern (!!!)
1968: Nixon 0.7% over Humphrey

Obama’s lead, if it holds, certainly isn’t a total ass-kicking like 1984 or 1972, but it’s a clear margin of victory by U.S. standards; five of the previous elections had closer votes. And in today’s polarized times I suspect it’s especially impressive.

…with blackjack! And hookers! In fact, forget the party and tha blackjack.

Not necessarily. Regardless of the candidate’s specific positions and how they express them, most people seem to identify pretty strongly with one of the two major political parties philosophically and aren’t going to support the other party regardless of what the candidates might say.

It hasn’t been close for over a month. Obama is going to win in a landslide. I suspect at least 350 electoral votes for Obama. McCain has run an campaign so bad that it is stunning. His pick of Palin alienated most of the independent voters he needed and the economy has voted against Republicans very decisively.

Not according to the kids in this video. They waited in lines for hours to vote for Obama.

And thanks for your support! I know it couldn’t have been an easy decision, given that you are a Republican. I really respect your decision to vote for the best future for the country, and not just vote for the ®. You Rock!

Hi to Cathy! (I owe her a phone call!!)

Well, it depends; it might be a Muslim kitten.

You forgot Idaho. I live in the one county in the state that consistently goes Democratic, because, apparently, we are all originally from someplace else. But that won’t stop me from voting.

Someday, perhaps, I will vote in a state that actually goes for the candidate I vote for. I’ve had very bad luck at that so far.

Hell, I’d be happy just voting in a country that went for a candidate I vote for.

I saw that the most recent poll for Utah had Obama at 32 and McCain at 55. It made me happy, because an earlier poll had Obama at 22! At least he’ll out perform Kerry…

That happened to me once. But this is only my fourth presidential election (that is, since I’ve been old enough to vote), so Og willing, someday it will happen again.

What’s the point? Barr will win in a landslide.